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Top Fun with Shapes Activities: A Comprehensive Guide

Team StoryWeavers|March 30, 2023, 12:45 IST|

Every object around us has a shape, be it a rectangular sheet of paper or a triangular slice of juicy watermelon. Spotting the shapes around us is indeed a fun thing to do. That is why we have compiled an ultimate collection of fun with shapes activities for children in this free printable PDF.

In this collection, you will find 11 shapes and their respective fun with shapes activities. These printable PDFs contain many assorted fun activities like colouring by letter, tracing the dotted lines to practise handwriting, unscrambling the letters to make words, completing the pattern, finding the odd one out, spotting the difference between two images, matching the following columns, sudoku for children and many other puzzles and mazes to solve.

Are you excited? Download fun with shapes activities here. 

11 Amazing fun with shapes activities for children


Circles are such an easy shape to spot around us. From sun to doughnut, many things around us are in the form of a circle. That is why we bring to you these fun circle-shape activities for preschoolers.

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Triangles are a fun shape. Most of our favourite things, like a slice of watermelon, a birthday hat or an ice cream cone, are triangular. Hence, we bring to you fun triangle activities for your little one!

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Squares are one of the most interesting shapes with equal sides and 90-degree angles. Board games like snakes and ladders are sure to remind us of this shape. So, we have compiled some fun square-shape activities for kindergarteners.

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Rectangles are another important shape that we are surrounded by. A box of crayons, school bag and notebook are all reminders of this wonderful shape. Check out these fun rectangle-shape activities for children here.

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Ovals are outright awesome! Balloons, watermelons, eggs and some other fun things are oval-shaped. Learn more about this fascinating shape, which is neither a circle nor a rectangle, through these fun oval-shape activities.

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Semicircles or half-circles are one of the easily noticeable shapes around us. Learning about semicircles can be quite interesting and fun with these wonderful activities we have planned for you! 

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The Rhombus is a fun shape with a slightly weird name. Kites and diamonds are some of the popular things with a rhombus shape. Have fun learning about rhombuses with these assorted fun activities designed for little ones.

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Some interesting things around us, like honeycombs, are hexagon shaped. It is a slightly difficult shape to notice. That is why we bring to you these fun hexagon-shape activities.

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The trapezoid is a slightly difficult shape that takes a bit of practise to notice around us. It is a part of many things around us though, like the buckets, boats, lamps, etc. That is why we have compiled some fun trapezoid-shape activities.  

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Crescent is one of those cool shapes with a slightly difficult spelling. It can be found in all sorts of awesome places, like the moon, bananas, croissants, etc. Learn more about this wonderful shape with these crescent-shape activities.

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We see the heart shape everywhere, from emojis to stickers. Almost everyone can recognise it instantly. Learn more about this easy-to-notice and familiar shape via these wonderful heart-shape activities.

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