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Sharpen Your Number Skills by Solving Math Mysteries

Team StoryWeavers|January 29, 2022, 17:45 IST| 2

Hello young learners! Agnee and Peter are back with another fun game that also helps you learn. This episode is going to be exciting! Put your detective hats on because we are now going to sharpen your math skills with a fun game called Mystery Number Detectives!

All you need is to be ready to crack some fun math mysteries with exciting clues. An adult or an older friend can set up the mystery puzzles. You can invite as many friends as you want to solve the mysteries or you can divide yourself into teams to see who solves the puzzles first and correctly. 

The game will help you understand maths more deeply and make you apply many maths lessons all at once. To top it all, you will have fun and feel really proud of yourselves when you crack the puzzle. Agnee and Peter will also be proud of how much you have learnt through this game!

Are you excited to know more?

Rules of the game

  • Young learners can divide themselves into detectives and eye witnesses. Detectives will solve the mystery with the clues and eyewitnesses will give the next clues to the detectives. 
  • An adult can be the puzzle master. The puzzle master sets the mystery numbers and decides who solves them better. One of the detectives from the team will crack the puzzle from the master and set out solving the clues. When they begin their progress, the eyewitnesses will give clues about the next step. 
  • Once the detective cracks the mystery number, their team gets points. The next person in the team begins to attempt the next clue. This continues until all the detectives get their turn. We can later swap the detectives and eyewitnesses team to ensure that everyone gets their chance.

    It’s a fun group game to be played with numbers.

Here is a really easy sample puzzle for you to understand the game better

 Puzzle master:  Find the mystery number: It is a number between 40 and 60. Detectives get three chances to finish the puzzle, two eyewitnesses will help you with clues. 

Detective:  First eyewitness, can you give me my first clue?

Eyewitness 1: The number ends in 5 or 0. 

Detective:  Is the first digit of the number a 4 or 5?

Eyewitness 2: It is a 4. 

Detective: Is it 45?

Puzzle master: Yes, it is right! Well done!

This is a simple, straightforward puzzle just to make you understand how the mystery solving goes. You can add more clues, time and eyewitnesses. Depending on the age of the young learners, you can make the puzzles a bit more challenging and fun. Puzzle masters can also encourage fellow young learners by awarding them titles like  – Best Fraction Detective, or the Best Addition Detective. 

They will play the game with a lot more enthusiasm!

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How do you benefit from this game?

Depending on how the puzzle master makes the questions exciting and thought-provoking, Mystery Number Detective is going to be a hit! Young learners will ask for this game to be played all the time! 

In addition, it also inculcates some important skills. Here are some of them: 

Better maths skills

 A very obvious benefit is how it enriches the maths vocabulary. Your understanding of mathematical concepts gets stronger. When young learners solve actual problems with one or many steps, they can apply one or many concepts that they know in order to arrive at the right answer! By playing a few rounds of the mystery number game, they can revise several concepts. The best part is that they will have a lot of fun! That’s a win-win situation for learners, parents and teachers, isn’t it?

This game has a host of benefits too


 In this game, detectives and eyewitnesses work together to crack the puzzles. And young learners understand the significance of working as a team. When the puzzle master encourages eyewitnesses and detectives to help each other and make it a more collaborative activity, the game will be a really effective exercise in teamwork. When Agnee and I played this game with our friends, we understood teamwork so much better. 

Asking the right questions

To arrive at the correct answer, detectives need to ask the right questions. Agreed, clues are an important part of the game and they help a great deal to arrive at the correct answers. But the detectives need to keep their sleuthing minds sharp and ask the right questions. This will help them arrive at the right answers really quickly!  

This game is a lot of fun and learning isn’t it? What detective would you love to be? Share your answers with us in the comments below.

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