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Why is The Lion The King Of The Jungle?

Team StoryWeavers|August 18, 2022, 19:00 IST|

Hello young learners,

Do you like to learn about animals? Are you excited to discover more? Let’s explore some interesting aspects of one of the most feared and loved wild animals – the lion. 

When you think of the lion, you may remember the phrase – The King of the Jungle. But have you ever wondered why the lion is considered the king?

In the wild, lions are not the biggest, fastest or even the strongest animal. In fact, the tiger is bigger than the lion, whereas the cheetah is the fastest. It makes you curious to know: in what way does the lion qualify to be the king of the jungle? Keep reading to know more about these majestic beasts.

An extreme predator 

One of the qualities of a king that stands out is the power over others, which the lion practices very well. In their habitat, the lion is virtually undisputed. No animal can attack or kill an adult lion on its own. But the lions can eat all the animals, including zebras, antelopes, giraffes, wildebeests and more. This power that they have over all other animals makes them the king. 

Interesting fact- The lioness (female lion) hunts in groups of two or three to feed the pride.’

Lion being the apex predator in its kingdom Pic courtesy: Freepik

The courageous carnivore

Lions are not afraid of anything. They prey on animals much larger than themselves – like wild buffaloes, giraffes and even elephants! With a lot of courage and strategic hunting, lions can hunt them down.

You must be wondering – are there any animals that attack lions? Well, hyenas prey on the lion cubs, and sometimes a group of hyenas may try to kill an old or ailing lion. However, lions are not afraid of them as they put up a good fight. Lion experts say that they are not afraid of predators.

The equaliser

In any scenario, the king is expected to maintain balance and wield power. In the animal kingdom, the lion maintains this balance by eating animals. Are you confused? Let me explain with an example. If there are too many antelopes in the jungle, they might end up eating a lot of grass and deplete the supply sooner. Lions are on top of the food chain, and by hunting and eating antelopes, they ensure that grass is always available in the jungle. 

So you see, the lion is really powerful in its own kingdom and ensures the much-needed balance of resources under its power.

The protector

One of the most king-like qualities in the lion is their ability to defend their turf. Lions have one of the loudest roars that can be heard many kilometres away. Using their courage and the power of their roar, they defend their territory fiercely. 

Male lions hunt down any predators or stray animals who try to enter their territory.

Lions and Lionesses protect their kingdom like no other Pic courtesy: Freepik

The survivor

As a species, they are naturally endowed with survival skills. The lion’s skin colour camouflages with the yellow colour of the grass. Lions also have a strong sense of smell that helps them to sense their prey quickly. Also, their sharp eyesight and strong leg muscles help them catch their prey and escape predators.

Besides, as a clan, lions leave their pride early – when they are about 2 or 3 years old. They acquire the skills when they are out in the wild, fighting older and stronger lions. This gives them sufficient strength and knowledge to become the king of the jungle. 

Now that you know why the lion is called the king of the jungle, tell us other animal titles that you would like to explore in the comments

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