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Brown Colour Activity Pack for Children: Top 12 Picks

Team StoryWeavers|May 12, 2023, 15:44 IST| 1

When we think of the colour brown, we immediately think of soil, wood, nuts like almonds and chestnuts, chocolate and so many other things that we love. It is made by mixing equal amounts of the primary colours red, yellow, and blue, and then adjusting the mix to get the shade of brown we want. Brown comes in some gorgeous shades like tan, beige, umber, burnt sienna, sepia, ochre, caramel and so on. In this brown colour activity pack, let’s explore each of them through a variety of fun activities. 

This free PDF activity bundle includes a colouring page, stickers and a plethora of other entertaining activities to do on the weekend.

In this brown colour activity pack, you will find: 

  • Activity 1: Unscramble the letters to reveal the name of the colour.
  • Activity 2: Decide which of the fruit squares belong in the picture.
  • Activity 3: Match the pictures with their other half.
  • Activity 4: Count the different gingerbread cookies and write the number in the right box.
  • Activity 5: Spot and circle 5 differences in the given images.
  • Activity 6: Help this brown dinosaur find the flower.
  • Activity 7: Help this boy find his brown dog.
  • Activity 8: Set up this bakery by putting things where they should go.
  • Activity 9: Identify the odd one. 
  • Activity 10: Add up the number of chairs and write it in the right box.
  • Activity 11: Count the number of mischievous monkeys in this picture.  
  • Activity 12: Fill this picture with the shades of brown you like best.
  • Bonus –  A colouring sheet and some fun brown stickers for some fun.

Are you excited? Download the brown colour activity pack for children here. 

brown colour activity pack for children


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