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The Best Crescent Shape Activities for Preschoolers: Top 7 Picks

Team StoryWeavers|March 10, 2023, 17:17 IST|

The crescent shape is fascinating. It can also be found in all sorts of cool places, like in the shape of a banana, moon, croissants and a smile. These are undoubtedly some of your child’s favourite things. So, wouldn’t knowing more about this shape be fun and helpful to them? That is why, today, we bring to you crescent shape fun activities for preschoolers in this FREE printable PDF.

This downloadable PDF is filled with crescent shape activities, a colouring page, stickers and more. Doing these activities can help your child build a more profound understanding of the crescent shape.

In this printable PDF for children on crescent shape activities, you will find:

  • Activity 1: Unscramble the letters to make meaningful words and learn the name of the shape
  • Activity 2: Join the dots to learn more about this crescent-shaped object
  • Activity 3: Learn how to play Sudoku with this crescent moon 
  • Activity 4: To strengthen spelling skills, here’s a word search for children
  • Activity 5: Go through the crescent-only doors to help this crescent meet its friends in this maze
  • Activity 6: Enhance your visual acuity in this spot the difference activity featuring crescent objects
  • Activity 7: To add to the fun, here are some free colouring pages for kindergarteners
  • Bonus – Stickers

Excited? Download the crescent shape activities for preschoolers now. 

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