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Fun Triangle Activities to Keep Children Entertained

Team StoryWeavers|March 28, 2023, 16:16 IST|

Triangles are a wonderful shape that we see around us all the time, whether it is in the form of a tasty samosa, ice cream cone, a slice of watermelon, tents, or even birthday hats. That is why we bring to you fun triangle activities for children in this free downloadable PDF. 

The printable PDF has many fun activities, stickers, a picture for children to colour and so much more. As your child works through these puzzles and mazes, it will help them understand and appreciate the shape of a triangle. It will also help them develop their creativity and critical thinking skills.

In this printable PDF for children on fun triangle activities, you will find:

  • Activity 1: Trace the dotted lines to practise your handwriting skills
  • Activity 2: Try this Sudoku for children with colourful triangles to strengthen your problem-solving skills
  • Activity 3: Find out how many triangles are there in this image
  • Activity 4: Count and match the following columns 
  • Activity 5: Find out the odd one out as you pair these matching triangles
  • Activity 6: Help this triangle meet its friends by solving this maze
  • Activity 7: Count and write the number of the colourful triangles 
  • Activity 8: Complete the pattern by identifying the missing pieces in this beautiful design
  • Activity 9: Find the correct option that forms this pin-wheel
  • Activity 10: Assemble the triangle by matching the halves
  • Activity 11: Put everything that looks like a triangle in the box
  • Activity 12: Make a paper dog by following the given steps
  • Activity 13: Fill this picture of triangle-shaped party hats with the colours you like best
  • Bonus – Stickers

Are you excited? Download fun triangle activities for children here.


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