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Grey Colour Activity Pack for Children: Top 11 Picks

Team StoryWeavers|May 26, 2023, 15:35 IST| 1

Grey is one of the gentle colours. It serves us very well as a background colour. It may often go unnoticed. It is made by mixing a drop of black colour into the colour white. Grey colour can help us relax as well. It is a neutral colour. It is found abundantly around us in rocks, stones, pebbles, ash and so on. We are confident that you can spot at least five things in your house that are grey. Let’s explore this sophisticated colour in this grey colour activity pack for children

Together with colouring pages, stickers and other enjoyable activities, this free PDF activity pack in grey colour is perfect for the weekend.

In this grey colour activity pack, you will find: 

  • Activity 1: Find this colour’s name by unscrambling the letters. 
  • Activity 2: Look for two rocks that look the same.
  • Activity 3: Spot and circle five things that are different between the pictures below.
  • Activity 4: To do cat maths, just swap out the cats for the right numbers.
  • Activity 5: Find the right bush for each rabbit based on its size.
  • Activity 6: Check to see whether more dogs are heading left or right.
  • Activity 7: Complete the grey cat grid so that each cat only appears once in each row.
  • Activity 8: Follow the numbers 1 through 16 to guide the adorable wolf home.
  • Activity 9: Try to guess how the mouse is feeling from its facial expressions.
  • Activity 10: Match the direction in which the elephant is going.
  • Activity 11: Fill this picture with the shades of grey you like best.
  • Bonus – a colouring page and some amusing grey stickers.

Are you excited? Download the grey colour activity pack for children here. 

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