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BYJU’S expands its family with key partnerships to drive innovative learning experiences globally

Team StoryWeavers|October 01, 2021, 15:35 IST|

Strategic partnerships aims to provide students with better learning experiences and expand BYJU’S global footprint

Building on its commitment to provide world-class edtech solutions to students globally, BYJU’S has made a number of strategic acquisitions in 2021. With the objective of offering more subjects and widening the spectrum of students it can assist with its platform, the partnerships an effort to consolidate impactful learning experiences for students and positively stimulate their collective learning journeys, help students fall in love with learning and expand BYJU’S global footprint.

In April, BYJU’s acquired tutorial chain Aakash Educational Services Ltd (AESL). The move has enabled AESL to transform into a hybrid edtech firm, expanding rapidly across the country. With a workforce of over 5,000 employees to begin with, the acquisition by BYJU’S has bolstered the company’s infrastructure to onboard an additional  2,000 employees this year. The hiring includes talent from the fields of academics, technology, sales, marketing, operations and other enabling functions. Going forward, AESL’s objective is to leverage BYJU’S tech expertise to create engaging and personalized learning programs bringing the best of hybrid learning for  medical and engineering aspirants.

In July, BYJU’S acquired US-based digital reading platform Epic in an effort to accelerate its vision of helping students fall in love with learning globally. The move will help expand BYJU’S U.S. footprint by providing access to more than two million teachers and 50 million children. Reading fluency can help empower future generations of kids by fostering a lifetime love for reading and learning. Realising the importance of reading as a fundamental requirement for academic development, Epic provides instant and unlimited access to over 40,000 high quality books from more than 250 publishers. Instilling the love for reading expands the student’s knowledge horizon, while also encouraging them to dream, learn and grow. BYJU’S acquisition with Epic will not only lead to significant investments in technology that will help to further personalized learning for students, but also enable BYJU’S to become a natural part of America’s learning culture.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on businesses worldwide. The sudden changes have accelerated companies’ digital transformation, making employee upskilling and reskilling crucial. In view of this transformation, in July, BYJU’S acquired Great Learning, India’s leading professional learning provider. The move has strengthened BYJU’S position to help students and professionals keep their skills relevant and stay future-ready. The solutions provided by the partnership between BYJU’S and Great Learning will help build a future-ready workforce.

Exam-preparing platform GradeUp were also part of BYJU’S dynamic acquisitions this year. GradeUp will boost BYJU’S presence in the fast-growing online competitive examination preparation category. GradeUp will be rebranded as BYJU’S Exam Prep and will cater to students preparing for more than 150 exams over 25 exam categories. The acquisition aims to further scale and expand BYJU’S test-prep offerings in postgraduate-level examinations.

In September 2021, BYJU’S acquired Tynker, the educational K-12 programming platform to help kids develop STEM skills in a fun and meaningful way. The acquisition by BYJU’S will enable the U.S. based company to introduce its creative coding platform to even more kids, educators, schools and coding camps globally.

BYJU’S has over 100 million students on its platform and is backed by marquee investors such as General Atlantic, Sequoia Capital, the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, Naspers, Silver Lake, Tiger Global, among others. Going forward, the company aims to leverage its acquisitions to bring superior quality education to students all over the world.

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