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Survival, Sustenance, Enterprise: Mrinal Mohit On Building and Scaling a Leading Edtech Brand

“If you have set out on a mission, the first step is to get the right people on board. Getting...

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Anita Kishore on How BYJU’S is Setting New Benchmarks in the EdTech Industry

“Diversity and inclusion are two key factors for the growth of any organisation. We’ve been really fortunate to have strong...

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This Children’s Day, BYJU’S celebrates curiosity

BYJU’S digital campaign aims to reunite the audience with their inner child by showcasing various youngsters at their most inquisitive...

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BYJU’S expands its family with key partnerships to drive innovative learning experiences globally

Strategic partnerships aims to provide students with better learning experiences and expand BYJU’S global footprint Building on its commitment to...

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Here’s how parents can help children take charge of their learning journey

In this period of ‘new normal’ during which our work, home and social lives have been altered, remote interaction has...

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A Chartered Accountant’s Road To BYJU’S And Why It’s The Best Risk He Has Taken

When you are making a critical change in your career, there are two questions that need to be considered: what’s...

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