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Company culture | How do you measure it and why is good work culture essential

Team StoryWeavers|July 12, 2023, 12:11 IST|
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What is company culture? How do you measure it? Let's find out from some ex-BYJUites about BYJU'S culture

Company culture. It’s a feeling, not something you can easily quantify. It’s imperative for companies to have a profitable business, but they also need to develop a strong and balanced organisational culture. They say that positive workplace culture is a prerequisite to mental peace and happiness. Today, we’re going to analyse how true that is.

Let’s try to understand the importance of great workplace culture and how we can measure an organisation’s culture.

Why is it important to have great employee culture?
  1. When your company has a good work culture, it makes it stand out in a sea of others with mediocre culture and values. The company is then known not just for its products or services but also for its scintillating atmosphere. It adds character to the brand’s identity.
  2. A positive workplace culture begets mental peace and happiness among employees. They are likely to be more satisfied with their roles and will autonomously put in their best effort.
  3. A healthy workplace promotes productivity. If the employees are content and happy, they will align better with the organisation’s goals. They will see the bigger picture and work towards it. Also, they will map their growth to the company’s and would want to stay on longer.
  4. When job-hunting, people are looking for companies with the best work culture. If your organisation checks all the right boxes, you’ll attract a great crowd in turn. 
But how does one measure office culture? Here are the top five ways:
  1. Performance management tools
  2. HR analytics tools
  3. Employee surveys
  4. Exit interviews
  5. Focus group discussions

To understand startup culture, there is one other strategy we would like to test. In order to tap into BYJU’S work culture, we decided to speak to some ex-BYJUites. We got an insight into the vibe of the organisation, what they cherished most about their time here, and how BYJU’S prepped them for the future. Read on to discover their side of the story.

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Roohi Katam

Joined BYJU’S as a BDA in 2018

Left as an ASM (Strategy & Planning) in 2023

Roohi Katam, ex-BYJUite, speaks about culture at BYJU'S

“BYJU’S is a symbol of warmth and inclusivity. The leaders I worked with, were friendly, approachable, and humble, in spite of their senior designations. I was given ample opportunities to grow in my role and also to become a better person. It’s been a privilege to work with a wonderful group of people, all of whom treated me with respect, and helped me in every way possible. 

What did I learn while at BYJU’S?


  1. Resilience: BYJU’S throws challenges at you, like asking you to lead with confidence or explore previously unchartered territory. Such experiences helped me become resilient and prepared me for anything that came my way.
  2. Consistency: One of my managers emphasised the importance of staying consistent and how underrated this value is. This had a huge impact on my growth within the organisation.
  3. Humility: Watching the leaders at BYJU’S taught me the significance of humility and being open to change. My peers and seniors fostered an environment that was receptive to new ideas, irrespective of age/designation.

The culture at BYJU’S was such that I got a lot of exposure to experiences that helped in uncovering my strengths. I got to lead a team for the first time, helped set up operations for a whole new process, and even transitioned to an IC role within the Strategy and Planning team. I am glad to have been a part of a fast-paced environment that taught me how to adapt and excel.

I will forever be grateful to Kishor, Taruun, RM Divya, and Sam, under whom I worked in various capacities, and who have become my trusted mentors for life. I deeply appreciate their invaluable guidance and support that has been instrumental in shaping my professional path.” 

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Anjali Rawther

Joined BYJU’S as a Product Specialist (User Experience) in 2018

Left as an Executive Manager (User Experience) in 2022

Anjali Rawther, ex-BYJUite, speaks about culture at BYJU'S

“BYJU’S was the second organisation of my career. I was pleasantly surprised to see a work environment so enthusiastic and lively. It almost felt like I was back in college, where I did projects with my seniors! BYJU’s gave me a platform to grow as an individual and explore my passion

I was given the freedom to learn through trial and error; people came first, not hierarchy and protocols. If you’re looking for the best place to start your career, this is it.

The top three takeaways from my BYJU’S journey would be:


  1. Adaptability: Being a part of BYJU’S ever-evolving ecosystem for almost five years taught me how to adapt quickly to change. I am proud to say that I have developed a dynamic and resilient mindset, and can easily acclimate to different working styles.
  2. End-to-end management: Working at a startup, especially at the beginning of your career, is a HUGE plus. You don’t just develop your niche, but get hands-on knowledge of everything, making the whole learning process truly immersive and wholesome.
  3. Learn, unlearn, relearn: Byju sir rightly says that this process of learning, unlearning, and relearning with the new dynamics, is key to success. I have started to understand the importance of starting over and believe in the magic of new beginnings.

BYJU’S has helped me define “work”. From a clueless fresher in Edtech to a Senior Manager at my current organisation, managing 50+ employees from different nationalities, it’s all thanks to what I learnt at BYJU’S. We ate, breathed, and slept data, making us data-driven and agile. 

BYJU’S has acted as a launch pad for my career. I am beyond grateful for all the support I have received over the years. I went from answering ‘What is BYJU’S’ to hearing people say, ‘Oh wow, you work with BYJU’S!’. It’s an honour to have been a part of BYJU’S illustrious journey.”

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Diksha Roy

Joined BYJU’S as an intern (BDA) in 2018

Left as an Executive Manager (User Experience) in 2023

Diksha Roy, ex-BYJUite, speaks about culture at BYJU'S

“When I look back on my time at BYJU’S, the one emotion that stands out is passion. Our efforts were always recognised, appreciated, and rewarded multifold. Zeal was our driving force. I was witness to the building of dreams, brick by brick, and it was nothing short of magic.

While every day at BYJU’S offered new learnings that I will always cherish, I would like to mention these:


  1. Strong mentorship: When you work with the best, you learn lifelong skills. I consider myself fortunate to have worked with some of the finest brains in the industry, including Sunitha Krishnan, Vidushi, and Sumit Nair. They have nurtured my talent and given it the space and time to grow. I aspire to leave the same impact on my colleagues, as they have on me.
  2. Think on your feet: BYJU’S has a fast-paced environment. Owing to that I learnt how to take quick decisions while keeping efficiency and energy intact. It’s not wrong when they say that 20% of your actions determine 80% of your success!
  3. The power of belief and empathy: It’s amazing what people can achieve when they believe in themselves. I was constantly reminded to never doubt myself. As a result, I have blossomed into a people person and a better, more empathetic manager.

Nothing is beyond your reach if you are focused. I never expected to achieve everything that I did, but BYJU’S made it all possible by giving me the right opportunities, even as a fresher. As I left the organisation, I realised that the finer things that I learnt on the job will add value to my profile as a candidate for my next stint.”

Now that you’ve heard from BYJU’S ex-employees, you might get an idea of the importance of healthy company culture. If people who are no longer working with your organisation are organically saying positive things about its culture, you must be doing something right. 

We hope, no matter where you work, you have a great atmosphere in the office. Do let us know of your experiences, via the comments section below.

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(This story has been put together by Storyweaver, Neha Dua)

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