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Learning never stops: Three BYJUites highlight the importance of on-the-job learning

Team StoryWeavers|September 12, 2022, 13:01 IST|
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Our workplaces are evolving, as we speak. 

If the last two years have taught us anything, being agile, adaptive, and learning continuously to keep up with the changing professional landscape, is imperative for any working individual. More so, if they wish to expand their knowledge and stay abreast with the latest technological disruptions in their domains. 

And what better way to create a culture of continuous learning than learning on the job? In BYJU’S, this translates into creating opportunities for our people to acquire new skills, adapt to critical situations, and most importantly, bring their best and whole selves to work. 

Explore more about this with BYJUites Neha Kumari, Sudhesh KM, and Mouli Saha as they share an insider glimpse of their personal growth and upskilling journey with us. 

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Growing along with BYJU’S

For Neha Kumari, working with BYJU’S has been an integral part of her professional journey. After an internship during her college days with us, she decided to come back as a full-time employee in 2017. Five years later, the BYJUite is now shouldering key responsibilities in the Supply Chain team, learning new skills, and carving a niche for herself. 

“I joined BYJU’S as part of the Sales team. But eventually, I moved to Supply Chain,” says Neha. “It was a mindful decision and I knew quite well that I would be able to contribute majorly in this new role. If Sales has helped me polish up my people skills, working with BYJU’S Supply Chain has been a game changer. My communication skills, for one, have definitely improved over the years.”

Neha’s story is an example of upskilling and reskilling oneself to navigate work-life and grow in an organisation. “It’s important to think outside the box and continue exploring newer avenues. Don’t be afraid to pitch in and always be ready to learn,” she says. 

Citing a recent example, Neha adds, “I have worked on projects that have had an organisation-wide impact. Creating real-time change, while developing new skills and being appreciated for all the hard work, has been a truly rewarding experience.”

But more than anything, it’s the sense of belonging that Neha feels when she looks back at her experience. “Being with BYJU’S as it has grown and evolved, I feel a special bond with the organisation and its people,” she tells us. “I can relate with BYJU’S story of becoming an edtech leader. We started with the mission of making learning fun and engaging for children. Knowing that we are growing closer to this milestone and that I am a part of this journey, even in a small way, is in itself an achievement.” 

Learning a new design language

Learning on the job is not just a quick route to acquiring new skills, but also a seamless way to adapt to new systems and situations. Sudhesh KM’s experience is a great example. When faced with a situation, where he had to shoulder critical responsibilities in the light of internal shifts within the team, the BYJUite turned to one life skill that he holds in high regard: agility

“As the Senior Designer in the Brand Marketing team, I look after the creative content across all BYJU’S social media platforms,” shares Sudhesh. “Our brief is simple: design creatives that help the brand stand out and establish a strong recall value.” 

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But how do you really develop that lens and cultivate a design language that helps you with brand positioning? Turns out, for Sudhesh, it all boiled down to stepping up, taking charge of the design team, and figuring out solutions as he navigated new dynamics. 

“Acquiring new skills and learning about new technology has always been a driver in my professional growth. However, during (a particular transition period within my team), I felt more empowered to make decisions. I learned so much about BYJU’S design language, the ‘dos and don’ts’, and more importantly, how to bring a fresh perspective that is relevant and strikes a chord with our students,” he says. 

This has created a rather interesting learning curve for Sudhesh. “Previously, I worked with client-facing organisations, where we would complete a project (with a particular brand) and then move on to the next one. At BYJU’S, Brand Marketing is in-house and a continuous process. There’s a real sense of ownership and belonging,” he adds. 

Observe those around you to learn

The skills that an employee picks up on the job, remain with the individual lifelong. And that’s exactly what happened to Mouli Saha, who learned how to streamline her work to meet deadlines. “It’s important to deliver high-quality output within a set timeline and it requires me to be dynamic, adaptable, and have great time management skills,” she says.

A part of BYJU’S 2D team, Mouli’s role involves enhancing the learning content for Aakash BYJU’S. For her, learning on the job is not just about acquiring hard skills, but also those elusive soft skills. And her current stint has helped her do just that. “I definitely feel more confident in my professional life now. I’m more patient and calmer, and know how to work collaboratively on multiple projects,” she says.

And this growth as a creative professional has been possible because of the way everyone rallies forces in her team. “During the initial days, I was able to shadow my seniors and observe how they work. So, if there’s one thing I have learned, it is to be open to learning from those around you, as it’s the best way to acquire new skills,” she shares.

“Working with BYJU’S has also improved my self-confidence and allowed me to see myself in a new light. I trust my capabilities and judgements more. Especially as women in creative industries, this is key to growing and succeeding,” adds the BYJUite.

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Whether it’s soft skills or hard skills, learning on the job involves a lot of openness and will. Creating world-class learning products and changing the way millions of students learn every day is a testament to the fact that any BYJUite — with an appetite for new skills and newer challenges — will find their own learning curve here.

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