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5 tips to collaborate effectively at work

Team StoryWeavers|May 08, 2023, 18:31 IST|
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Collaboration is an essential tool to achieving business outcomes effectively. Collaboration, along with teamwork, is extremely crucial in achieving certain goals.  

What is the best way to collaborate within your team and outside, to ensure that projects are executed better? Here are five tips to enhance collaboration and make the workplace more productive. 

1. Ensure everyone is aligned 

Before embarking on a project, it’s important to establish the goals and deliverables. It’s better to over-communicate rather than assume that something is being done. Clear and precise instructions and being transparent with your teammates is the way to go. Defining your expectations, and establishing goals and deliverables keeps everyone accountable for their tasks, as they know how their performance could impact the rest of the team members and the project.  

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Besides, don’t hesitate to use collaboration tools like online whiteboards and workflow managers to ensure everyone is on the same page.

2. Only meet when necessary 

Organising too many meetings may become counter-productive. Ensure that meetings happen only when they’re necessary. To keep the collaborative efforts strong, and update about progress and roadblocks, weekly or bi-weekly check-in meetings should suffice. This keeps all members accountable and they continue to feel that they’re a part of the project. 

Certain team-building activities like team lunches or events could be beneficial if the project is long or members of the same team are collaborating. Besides serving as an excellent icebreaker, they also keep monotony at bay.   

3. Assign tasks based on strength

Not all members of the team will be the same or have similar strengths. It’s essential to identify someone’s individual strengths and assign tasks based on that. This not just boosts their productivity but also ensures that every member is happy with their role. Content team members are more likely to succeed in their tasks and complete them ahead of deadlines.

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Plus, effective collaboration helps them learn from each other’s strengths and develop new skills

4. Anticipate conflict, keep solutions ready 

It’s natural that when a large number of people collaborate, they  will not agree on everything. People have different values, backgrounds, motivations, characteristics, and attitudes. Some conflict is obvious and therefore, it’s better to be prepared and flexible. 

It’s important to hear everyone’s opinions, but once a decision is reached, it should be adhered to. Every team member will collaborate better if they feel seen and heard — so appreciating their achievements can boost morale and enhance teamwork and productivity

5. Practice autonomy 

Trusting your teammates to do their tasks effectively goes a long way in achieving successful collaboration. Once they’re aware of their responsibilities, giving them the autonomy to complete their tasks can increase productivity severalfold. Creating proper channels for communication, and voicing questions and concerns can help teammates become more creative and innovative when they’re working. 

Just having the freedom to express new ideas or even execute them, can help boost confidence and motivation. 

Communication, trust, transparency, and defining expectations can effectively enhance collaborative efforts within a team or multiple teams. Encouraging your team members and leading them by your own example can allow them to develop newer skills and effectively boost productivity

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We hope these methods help you create and manage teams that can collaborate effectively.  Do you have any other collaboration tips? Tell us in the comments below

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