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The road to improvement: 10 steps to receiving constructive feedback like a pro

Team StoryWeavers|April 04, 2023, 05:58 IST|
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Picture this: You’re preparing for a forest treasure hunt with a flashlight, water, rope, insect repellent, energy bars, and a utility knife. But without the most crucial item, the map, all your efforts would be in vain. Just like a treasure hunt, you need a map to reach your full potential, without which you may struggle to achieve your goals. In real life, this map is CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK. 

At BYJU’S, our leaders believe constructive feedback is the key to levelling up one’s personal and professional growth. When feedback is delivered effectively, it can help you unlock your potential, discover your strengths and weaknesses, and develop a plan for achieving your goals. 

After exploring the Sandwich method of giving constructive feedback, let’s understand how to gracefully accept feedback and use it as a catalyst for personal and professional progress.

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  1. Be open-minded: To receive constructive feedback, approach the session with an open mind and a positive mindset, ready to learn from the evaluation.
  2. Keep your ears and eyes open: Pay attention to both verbal and non-verbal cues during the feedback session, actively listening to understand the message being conveyed.
  3. Reflect not react: Reflect on feedback before responding. Avoid immediate rejection or criticism. Take a day or two to absorb and journal your thoughts and feelings. 
  4. Ask the right questions: When in doubt or requiring more details, ask clarifying questions. This helps you gain a better understanding of the feedback and to work on next steps.
  5. Focus on the feedback, not the provider: Feedback is about the message, not the messenger. Avoid becoming defensive or taking comments personally.
  6. Show gratitude: Express your appreciation to the person providing the feedback, for investing their time and effort. It demonstrates that you value their opinion and are thankful for their contribution.
  7. To agree or disagree: It’s fine if you disagree with the feedback received. Consider valid points within the observations that could help improve your approach.
  8. Evaluate and act: Reflect on the feedback and its implications for your professional growth. Develop an action plan to work on the areas identified for improvement.
  9. Align with your goals: After reflecting on the feedback, create a strategy, and align it with your goals to enhance performance. 
  10. Follow up: Keep the feedback-provider informed about your progress. This demonstrates that you are taking their input seriously and are committed to making changes.

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Being open to constructive feedback doesn’t have to be a dreary experience. It’s a chance to gain valuable insights into your work performance and personal growth areas, and who doesn’t love a bit of personal growth? Bring a positive attitude and active listening skills, and get ready to own every feedback session! 

By focusing on the comments and asking thoughtful questions, you’ll be able to purpose feedback into a powerful tool for boosting your career. And don’t forget to show gratitude, create an action plan, and keep your feedback-provider in the loop. Go ahead, embrace the process, and let’s have some fun growing together!

What are your go-to strategies for handling constructive feedback at work? Drop a comment and let us know!

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