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National Productivity Day | How to bring your A-game to work

Team StoryWeavers|February 11, 2023, 20:23 IST|
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National Productivity Day

You’ve been trying to concentrate on the job at hand, but your mind refuses to cooperate. The day’s almost over, but your tasks are not. To-do list’s growing, deadline’s inching closer, and your nervous energy is not helping. The clock ticks louder. Your heart beats faster. You break into a cold sweat. 

And you wake up with a start…

For people who maximise the usage of their time, even the slightest hint of non-productivity is enough to cause nightmares. While we all want to be productive, it’s not always easy. 

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Some swear by productivity techniques that have now become quite popular. These include Pomodoro, Time Blocking or timeboxing, The Eisenhower Matrix, Personal Kanban, among several others. This National Productivity Day, we spoke to some talented BYJUites, who tell us how they strive to remain productive all day, every day. 

National Productivity Day

National Productivity Day

Our amazing BYJUites have implemented several methods, hacks, and even lifestyle changes, to boost their workplace productivity and grow in their respective careers. Hope you too can utilise some of these tricks and tools to enhance your productivity at work and beyond. 

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Or if you have any hacks yourself, please share them with us. Leave a comment!

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