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How a culture of autonomy drives BYJUites to take charge in the workplace

Team StoryWeavers|August 09, 2022, 11:21 IST| 1
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Creating an environment of autonomy in the workplace simply means empowering employees to have control over their work and their lives. At BYJU’S, this is one of our guiding principles and translates into freedom to work on passion projects, independence to experiment with tech, and liberty to take offbeat routes to turn ideas into reality. 

We have learnt from experience that when BYJUites are empowered to make their own choices and select their approach to their roles and responsibilities, they are happier and more motivated to achieve their goals. In the long run, this also fosters a space for transparent discussions.   

“Building a culture of autonomy isn’t just about giving employees the freedom to take ownership of projects, it is also about offering a platform and creating an environment to give feedback and recommendations based on their work experience,” shares Abhilasha Dabas, our Senior Academic Consultant, adding, “Creating a space for them to have open and honest conversations with their manager will only boost their morale and make them more accountable for their work.” 

Autonomy goes hand-in-hand with mentorship

In highly autonomous teams, leaders play a crucial role in providing adequate opportunities for learning and growth. Says Abhilasha, “Instead of being critical, BYJU’S leaders don the hat of a friendly guide. This not only strengthens their relationships with employees but also gives them the confidence to overcome challenges that are a natural part of the work-cycle. That’s how we empower our teams across departments.” 

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Building highly autonomous teams 

A culture of autonomy is built on the foundation of trust, support, and accountability. With this in mind, here’s how we are building autonomous teams at BYJU’S and boosting employee engagement in the workplace: 

Culture of trust: Managers who are willing to trust their employees to own the projects need to accept the risks that may accompany. Encouraging BYJUites to take ownership of projects and tasks, says Abhilasha, will nurture a culture of trust and encourage new ideas. “It’s better to start small and gradually increase an individual’s responsibilities and freedom as they adapt and learn more about their work,” she adds.   

Support: Autonomy in the workplace has a lot to do with access to the right resources. Not having the right tools hinders creativity and may pose a challenge to completion of projects and tasks. On the contrary, ensuring your people get what they need is a pathway to more robust employee autonomy. 

Communication: To strike the right balance between giving employees the freedom to complete tasks, while also offering mentorship, BYJU’S leaders prioritise establishing clear communication within the team. Setting quantifiable goals ensures that employees understand what is required and sets them up for success.

We firmly believe that workplace autonomy is all about communicating and learning about individual needs, letting BYJUites grow in their own way. For us, a key driver to building a strong work culture is when BYJUites are empowered to take ownership and experiment with unique approaches to problem-solving.

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August 9, 2022

“Give me a hand and I’ll hold onto it for life… Give me a path and I’ll make my own life”.
I definitely agree with you. Micro-managing can never help in the long run. And in a working environment, we need to empower employees to manage and fulfill their responsibilities, come up with suggestions and take control as well as ownership of their work.
I am really glad that I started my career at an organization where my inputs can really make a considerable impact from the very beginning and have access to various platforms to gain skills and much-needed experience.


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