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What is Founder’s Mentality and how does it drive BYJUites to take charge of their career

Team StoryWeavers|August 04, 2022, 11:25 IST|
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Over the last decade, BYJU’S has been on a mission to make learning accessible and immersive for students across the globe. Driven by the goal to help our learners unlock their true potential, we have added new offerings to our stack of learning products, expanded our teams and onboarded creative and passionate individuals.

But even as the organisation has grown, we have remained laser-focused on bridging the learning gap and empowering a new breed of teachers with the necessary tools and technologies. In fact, every learning solution we build revolves around this central idea. This has been possible because what was initiated by the founders is now emulated by the many talented BYJUites. And this is what Founder’s Mentality is all about!  

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Emulating Founder’s Mentality at BYJU’S

One of the key characteristics that defines our success story is that our core team at BYJU’S is extremely strong and consistent. We started off with six founding partners and one crystal clear mission of making learning more fun, effective and impactful. These two critical factors have remained unchanged. If anything, our founding members — who are still a part of our core leadership — have translated this goal into a shared vision for the BYJUites who have joined the journey over time. 

Building a culture of intrepreneurship 

A founder’s mentality is key to ensuring that the organisation’s goals and vision are translated across the board. It’s also an important component in deciphering the internal work culture. According to Chris Zook and James Allen — the duo who proposed the concept — this mindset encompasses three important traits: 

  • Owner’s mindset: When employees assume personal responsibility for the organisation and are aligned with its goals
  • Insurgent mission: A clear and precise mission statement that gives employees the purpose and energy required for growth 
  • Frontline obsession: Care for the employees on the frontline, because that is where most of the innovation happens 

Together, these three key traits have paved the way for building a culture of intrepreneurship at BYJU’S, and attract talent who continue to manifest the motivating attitude and behaviours of our bold and ambitious leaders. 

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But what’s in it for BYJUites?

For BYJUites, adopting the founder’s mentality means compounding the larger goal of the organisation. This approach is key to individual growth and success too. Here’s how:

  • An employee with the founder’s mentality is proactive and takes ownership of every project that they work on
  • Such employees ensure that they deliver projects with little or no supervision
  • They care about the company just as much as the founder would and are more likely to become founders/entrepreneurs themselves in the future 
  • With increased accountability, such employees also motivate their teammates and empower their teams to succeed in their respective fields

Sharing the mindset of the founder and assuming responsibility and ownership for the projects is a great way to learn and grow within any organisation. At BYJU’S, it means nurturing the passion to positively disrupt the education landscape and impact learners with best-in-class solutions. It’s really about the ‘attitudes and behaviours’, and as Zook and Allen emphasise, it is key to staying agile and adaptable.

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