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Understanding Customer Centricity: How it Drives BYJUites to Create World-Class Learning Experiences

Team StoryWeavers|July 18, 2022, 14:38 IST|
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Customer satisfaction. The foundation of almost every organisation; we use it as a stepping stone to customer centricity. Developing world-class products for students across geographies to ensure that they have the best possible learning experience is everything BYJU’S stands for. 

But what exactly is customer centricity? It is a foundational principle, aimed at creating solutions for the unique needs of the learner. This philosophy is entwined with our organisational values, such that customer centricity becomes the very fabric of our culture, resulting in a customer-first approach to all business decisions. 

Here’s what customer centricity looks like: 

  • Considering the learner in everything that the organisation does, and every decision it takes 
  • Listening to the learner’s needs and providing the best possible solutions
  • Having a seamless customer service experience to ensure consumer loyalty 

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Customer centricity vs customer service

While customer service refers to addressing the needs of the consumers as and when they arise, customer centricity is built within the organisational framework and entails a customer-driven approach. It is about having a meaningful connection with the consumer base, anticipating their every demand and creating appropriate solutions. 

Why customer centricity matters

A 2016 survey published by Forrester states that organisations that follow a customer-centric approach are more likely to remain relevant to the consumers, are more profitable, and are also likely to create better and innovative products. According to the study, this approach can be instrumental in not just acquiring new customers, but also retaining them and building long-lasting relationships. 

How customer centricity drives BYJUites

To be purpose-built and learner-focused, means ensuring that every single person, across departments, is aligned with the same mission. Here’s what it means at BYJU’S: 

  • Making sure that every student receives the best learning experience, whether they are new, or have been with BYJU’S for years
  • Continuously evolving along with the students’ learning needs 
  • Anticipating the students’ needs and demands, and offering suitable solutions 
  • Providing all BYJUites with a common goal  
  • Constantly innovating to develop cutting-edge learning products 
  • Nurturing a culture for learning, unlearning, and relearning. 

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Having a student-first approach has enabled BYJU’S to become one of the leading edtech names in the world. As we continue to grow and discover our students’ needs, developing cutting-edge learning experiences and top-notch products will remain a priority. 

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