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How self-discipline helps programmers achieve their goals at work and in life

Team StoryWeavers|July 26, 2022, 13:12 IST|
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At BYJU’S, programmers and software developers are more than the code they write and the methodology they use. To develop systems that are delivered on time and easier to maintain, requires a skill that goes beyond programming language and technique — it is self-discipline. According to expert programmers, self-discipline is the key to creating effective and well-maintained software systems. 

Innovation is at the forefront of what we do at BYJU’S. Developing cutting-edge software systems — to ensure the best learning experiences — is a top priority. And only self-discipline can help programmers develop and manage systems effectively. 

Why self-discipline matters 

From being a student of computer science to becoming a software professional, the magnitude of coding changes drastically. With massive projects being undertaken, a strict discipline can help make sense of the individual parts that make up the whole. “Coders have to deliver tasks and features per the timeline, which requires proper discipline,” says Hina Arora, Senior Software Engineer at BYJU’S.  

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Experts believe that disciplined programmers help create effective software systems and motivate their team to increase productivity, so projects run smoothly.  

What self-discipline can achieve

Besides increasing productivity, adopting a disciplined routine enables programmers to: 

  • Constantly practice new methods of programming for continuous progress in their field
  • Go beyond their comfort zones and take up projects that challenge them
  • Learn all the basics and foundational principles of coding before taking up more challenging projects. This can especially help new programmers grow in their field.
  • Be adaptable to changing technologies and develop a system of learning new processes
  • Allow programmers to deliver their tasks effectively, on time, and also have successful careers 

Practice self-discipline with a five-step strategy 

Self-discipline doesn’t just make programmers better coders, but also helps them advance their careers, and become better individuals. The programmers at BYJU’S follow these simple steps:

  • Create a plan: It is essential to envision a goal and formulate a plan to achieve it. In many cases, writing down the goals and the plan of action helps. For Hina, jotting down her daily goals, alongside her weekly and monthly targets, helps her stay on top of things.
  • Follow the plan: Once the plan is devised, it is imperative to bring it to life, even if it means stepping out of one’s comfort zone. “If you follow the plans, you know that the task will not get delayed due to a lack on your part. Therefore, it’s important to stay disciplined,” shares Hina. 
  • Don’t code immediately: Hina says that it’s important for programmers to understand the requirements and whether their vision is aligned with all the other stakeholders. “Don’t hesitate to ask why you’re developing or changing a particular software or feature. It’s essential to understand that before you even start writing your first line of code.”
  • Calculate progress: Don’t worry about failure. Consider it a learning curve. Measuring progress and failure will help develop a system of strengths and weaknesses, and allow one to work on oneself. 
  • Learn, Unlearn, Relearn: Ask a BYJU’S techie what’s one mantra they live by and the answer is simple: never stop learning. Focus on strengths and build them up. Focus on weaknesses and transform them into strengths.

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Developing complex software systems is not easy. After the initial bout of motivation and excitement dwindles, it is only a strong sense of discipline that can help programmers last long in the field. 

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