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Ready to take on a new role? Job shadowing could be the key to making the most of the opportunity

Team StoryWeavers|August 29, 2022, 11:54 IST|
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Starting a new job can be exciting but also intimidating, especially if it’s your initial years. There are new things to learn, new people to meet, and a new organisation to get familiar with. But what better way to learn, than thorough on-the-job training, from a senior who’s been in your shoes, not so long ago?

“In a dynamic work environment like BYJU’S, it is easier for a new joiner to learn faster when they receive mentorship from an experienced senior,” quips Ankur Chouksey, Assistant Director of Content Development.

This is where job shadowing comes in. It is an on-the-job training process where a new BYJUite learns the ropes by observing and interacting with their more experienced mentors and team leads, as they go through their everyday tasks.

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Why is job shadowing important

When an employee is onboarded, they are thrust into the unknown. In order to navigate their new roles and responsibilities and become familiar with the organisation, they need someone who can guide them in the right direction. “The senior can guide and help the new joiner from making the same mistakes they had made. This is why mentoring them in the initial days is very important,” says Ankur. 

Job shadowing is an effective way to create scope for new BYJUites to learn. It also helps in team bonding and collaborative practices, as the employee is able to interact with team members while they learn on the job. 

Benefits of shadowing a senior

Mentorship is a continuous process and impacts the learning of not just new joinees but also those interning at an organisation. With a large number of interns coming to BYJU’S, job shadowing becomes a great tool to imbibe the culture and learn faster. But those are not the only benefits of job shadowing.

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  • Exploring interests: Shadowing allows a new BYJUite to explore their interests as they’re exposed to the day-to-day tasks of their chosen field. It becomes easier to determine whether the chosen field is the right one. 
  • Career development: Shadowing a senior allows a newbie to learn new skills and progress faster in their careers. It also shows initiative. 
  • Team-building: Job shadowing is an intrinsic part of developing a relationship with your seniors and the stepping stone to getting a mentor in the organisation. It also helps in building a relationship with others in the team.
  • Hands-on learning: Instead of telling a new BYJUite how the team runs, shadowing demonstrates to them how it works. This way, the learning is streamlined, fast, and has a higher retention capacity.   

“At BYJU’S, every team is interdependent on each other and teamwork is an intrinsic part of the work culture,” says Ankur, adding “To this end, mentorship helps initiate new BYJUites into the work environment and style of approaching problems, and delivering results. Having a mentor right at the beginning is also key to guiding our young talent, ensuring that they are able to contribute meaningfully towards their career goals.”

Shadowing a senior is undoubtedly an easy and efficient tool to induct new talent into the work dynamics. But what actually makes this process more wholesome is the potential benefits it has for everyone involved in the experience, including mentors who get to train young BYJUites, creating and adding to the knowledge-sharing experience. 

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