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5 qualities that make a good manager

Team StoryWeavers|June 16, 2023, 12:15 IST|
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How to be a good manager

What makes a good manager? A question that has baffled many and garners lots of different responses, because there’s no proven formula. It’s a combination of several skills that creates a good manager

Whether it’s communication or having a strong knowledge about their respective industry, a good manager exhibits these skills and more. Here are the top 5 skills that a good manager should have. 

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  1. Communication skills

An essential quality of a good manager is effective communication. Managers need to be able to communicate not just their own thoughts and ideas to their team members but also ensure each and every team member understands their roles and responsibilities. 

They should also be open to constructive feedback and through proper communication, address and mitigate any misunderstandings. A good manager will choose what they speak about and how. 

  1. Strong  work ethic

A good manager also boasts of a strong work ethic that serves as an inspiration to their teammates. A strong work ethic encourages every team member to perform to their full potential. A manager, leading from the front, with a strong work ethic can help the team push their boundaries and reach optimal performance.  

For a manager, having a strong work ethic also includes a focus on effective teamwork and ensuring that every team member feels valued. Having a positive attitude and a focus on success will ensure that everyone is motivated and happy. 

  1. Ability to resolve conflict

Conflict resolution is also an essential quality of a good manager. Having strong listening skills, which enables the manager to comprehend what their team members are saying and why, is an important aspect in this regard. 

A team comprises people with different personalities and a good manager ensures everyone feels seen and heard. Resolving conflict in a way that makes every team member feel valued, is an irreplaceable skill. This ascertains that disagreements (if any) do not affect the team’s morale.  

  1. Sound industry knowledge

A good manager leads by example. Having sound knowledge of the company and the industry is a great place to start. It’s essential to understand your company’s position in the industry and what are some of the disruptions happening around you. A good manager is aware of this and takes an active part in training and upskilling workshops to gain more knowledge. 

This helps them send out a crucial message to their team:  It is important to keep honing your skills and be knowledgeable about your company and the industry you are a part of

  1. Becoming a  role model

Every manager aspires to become a role model for their team members — a person whose path they can follow in order to succeed. In order to become a good leader, a manager should emulate all the qualities that they wish their teammates to exhibit

Top qualities among them are honesty and transparency. It’s important that all teammates trust a manager’s judgement and feel comfortable sharing their concerns. It can only happen when the manager provides honest and transparent feedback

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Additionally, it’s important to be honest about one’s work. Encouraging someone to assume responsibility, and learning from their mistakes, can also go a long way towards becoming a role model. It’s also critical to praise team members when they perform well or exhibit positive qualities. This encourages others to emulate similar good qualities.

At BYJU’S, we have some of the best industry leaders and thinkers who are leading by example and inspiring every BYJUite with their trailblazing path to success. Nurturing a culture of growth and success, where everyone is heard and every idea is a good idea, has enabled our BYJUites to put their best foot forward.  

Have you worked with someone who can be labelled “good manager”? Comment and let us know!

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(This story has been put together by Storyweaver, Bidushi Das)

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