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BYJU’S Teachers’ Day ad campaign receives global industry awards and recognition

Team StoryWeavers|May 23, 2022, 19:25 IST|

The BYJU’S teachers’ day ad campaign titled ‘Master Ji – A Teachers’ Day Tribute’, has received four metals at Spikes Asia, one win at The Webby’s, two merits at the Clio Awards, and a Bronze Pencil at the prestigious One Show

At BYJU’S, every employee is guided by a shared purpose — to create value in the lives of not only students, but also parents, teachers and other stakeholders by providing them with high-quality learning opportunities. Our purpose pushes us to be better and work harder to strengthen our organisation’s diverse and inclusive offerings. These very ideas are reflected in our media initiatives.

The 2021-released Teachers’ Day ad campaign titled ‘Master Ji – A Teacher’s Day Tribute’ has attracted widespread industry recognition.

Among its wins, BYJU’S digital campaign earned four prestigious metals at Spikes Asia 2022. It received a Silver each in the categories of Direction and Casting, and a Bronze metal each in the categories of Script and Branded Entertainment, respectively. BYJU’S was the only brand on the list of winners whose digital campaign was wholly conceptualised, ideated and executed by the company’s in-house brand team.

These awards are thoughtful markers of the company’s capabilities in its pursuit of excellence and BYJU’S is honoured to have garnered recognition for its in-house creativity, originality, and innovative culture.

BYJU’S also received one nomination and one win at The Webbys, a series of honours for excellence on the internet. The campaign also advanced to the finals of three categories at The One Show 2022, a prestigious award program for advertising, design, and digital marketing, eventually winning a Bronze Pencil in the ‘Moving Image Craft, Writing – Single’ category. At the 2022 Clio Awards, the BYJU’S campaign won two merits under the Film Craft (Copywriting) category.

The world premiere of BYJU’S ‘Master Ji – A Teachers’ Day Tribute’ took place at Dallas South Asian Film Festival. The film was also screened at the opening night of the prestigious Yellowstone Film Festival and received the Best Short Film awards at the Roma Film Festival, Italy as well as the Emerald Peacock Film Festival, Berlin. At the Romm Film Festival in Italy, the film also bagged an award for Best Music Score.

Talking about the campaign’s success, Vineet Singh, VP – Brand and Creative Strategy, BYJU’S said, “BYJU’S is honoured to be recognised by some of the world’s most dynamic and creative institutions. The positive global response to our Teachers’ Day campaign exemplifies BYJU’S entrepreneurial spirit. The film’s success has placed our in-house production team among the ranks of leading creative agencies, and I couldn’t be more proud of our team. While we are excited and committed to keep driving meaningful messaging for BYJU’S, the only thing more fulfilling than producing high-quality campaigns in-house, is seeing the impact it has on our users’ lives.”

The BYJU’S Teachers’ Day ad campaign, released with the hashtag #LearningNeverStops, pays tribute to teachers who have made a difference in our lives while gently highlighting the difficulties they may have faced with the sudden transition to online education. The film underscores how, despite personal upheavals, teachers have remained steadfast in their jobs as educators and mentors to ensure that their students’ learning never ceases.

In the past, BYJU’S has also won awards for its ad campaign released on Gandhi Jayanti. The moving film bagged one Gold and 1 Silver at The Mommy Awards.

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Watch the award-winning digital campaigns here:

Celebrating Their Spirit To #LearnUnlearnRelearn

Bapu Ki Aawaz (Celebrating The Mahatma)

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