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3000-year-old golden city unearthed in Egypt! 

Team StoryWeavers|April 22, 2021, 11:47 IST| 1

It is hard to find a student who is not at all fascinated by archaeology and the study of ancient ruins. For those who are, the study of the rise and fall of civilisations constitutes some of their favourite chapters in ancient history lessons. And in those lessons, the land of Egypt holds a place of special importance, transporting you into the magnificent world of pyramids, pharaohs and mummies.

It is natural then that such a country must possess so many ancient secrets, especially those that are buried deep underground. One of them was unearthed recently, when an expedition team discovered something truly spectacular, right from beneath their feet! 

Conducted less than a week ago, this expedition led to the discovery of a 3000-year-old lost city called Aten, which dates back to the 13th century BC!  This is BIG NEWS for not just historians, but also for students like you. Your knowledge of ancient history will be enriched by the wealth of information available from this discovery!

After analysing the ruins that they excavated, these archaeologists, led by popular Egyptologist and archeologist Zahi Hawass, consider the discovery as an important find in the history of Egypt. They also believe that Aten, found in the Southern Province of Egypt called Luxor, may be the largest ancient city ever discovered! 

The Tut connection

King Tut has a big connection with this discovery

For those of you who are just beginning to learn about the Egyptian civilization in your classes, you might want to catch up on extra reading material related to this online. 

Here is an insight into how long the findings date back to: The ruins are from the 1386 BC , from the time of Amenhotep III, who is the grandfather of none other than Tutankhamun. 

You all know King Tut! His legacy is one of the best-known in historical studies.

Talking about King Tut, here is something that puts this discovery in perspective. It is claimed that this lost city may be the second most important archeological discovery since the tomb of Tutankhamun was found in 1922! Isn’t this absolutely fascinating?! 


Stories of a city

Get ready to know more about life in ancient Egypt

I am sure you are bubbling with curiosity to know what else Zahi Hawass managed to find in this city!

Turns out, they discovered remains of ancient residential areas and administrative centres, which shows that this city was well maintained and prosperous. They also found pieces of pottery, jewellery, solid brick walls and even a bakery, complete with ovens. Now, can you imagine what kind of cakes and cookies they would have had?

The archaeologists were quite impressed with the quality of the artifacts. For a city that’s 3000 years old, Aten seems to be as good as new. Even after heaps of sand accumulated on the city for many millennia, its residential and commercial structures still remain intact. 

Another factor that excites them is how Aten was brimming with prosperity and abundance. Infact, they estimate that it was during that time that the empire was at its wealthiest. 

Aren’t you curious to visualise rich Egyptians in well developed cities, eating cake and running governments? Keep your eyes and ears open, because there is more in store! 

If this is not sensational enough, the discovery is just the beginning of a bigger picture that we are all set to unravel in the years to come. We will soon find out about the people who lived and died there, and several other secrets that will make your love for Egypt and history stronger. 


Are you kicked to find out so much more about the land of mummies? Do you want to visit Egypt once we are safe to travel? Share your love for Egypt in the comments.


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April 17, 2021

I think I should visit Egypt once ❤️


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