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DIY Marble Maze: A Box of Learning and Fun

Team StoryWeavers|February 02, 2021, 06:59 IST| 11

DIY marble maze box

In this age of video games and apps, there are certain old games that are still very engaging, relaxing, and bring a smile to people of all age groups. While these are super fun to play, they also help in developing cognitive skills and critical-thinking abilities, as well as improving memory retention.

One such game is the Marble Maze Box! There’s something immensely satisfying and relaxing about manoeuvring a ball successfully through a challenging maze; hence, this game has managed to find a permanent spot in almost every party.

What maze games are all about?

“It is a confusing path, hard to follow without a thread, but, provided [you are] not devoured at the midpoint, it leads surely, despite twists and turns, back to the beginning.” — Plato

To put it in simple words, maze games are like treasure hunts. You need to solve some puzzles, put your math skills into practice, have a strong hand-and-eye coordination and solve the maze to win the trophy.

People often confuse maze with labyrinths. While both these terms are often used in place of one another, they are definitely NOT the same!

Why labyrinths and mazes are not the same

Facts about mazes

How to make a Marble Maze Box

Now, let’s learn how to make a Marble Maze Box at home

Materials needed:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • A pair of scissors
  • A paper cutter
  • Glue
  • A pencil
  • A one rupee coin
  • 2-3 marbles
  • Crayons or paints of your choice


Take a cardboard box of 30cm X30cm

Step-by-step explaination of DIY marble maze

Work your way into creating a maze pattern

Step-by-step explaination of DIY marble maze

Take a coin. Place it in one corner and mark its outer circumference  with a pencil. Take a paper cutter and neatly cut it out along the marked outline. Make sure at this stage you take help from an adult. Cut out around 4 to 5 holes on random areas on your maze board.

Step-by-step explaination of DIY marble maze

Place 2 cm wide cardboard pieces on the border so that the marble doesn’t slip out of your maze box. With some glue, stick them together.

Glue similar types of 2 cm wide cardboard pieces on the maze lines as well.

Step-by-step explaination of DIY marble maze

Now it’s time to decorate your board. Bring out your creative juices and decorate your board with colours and crafts (totally optional).

Step-by-step explaination of DIY marble maze

Now add a ‘start’ and a ‘finish’ point on your maze box.

Step-by-step explaination of DIY marble maze

Your maze is ready! Keep it aside.

 Now you need to make a base box to balance the maze board.

Take another cardboard box which is 30.2 cm X 30.2 cm. Add border strips of 5 cm wide on all four corners. 

Step-by-step explaination of DIY marble maze

Cut out a small 2 cm on one of the border strips. 

Take a glue and stick all the four borders together onto the cardboard box. 

Step-by-step explaination of DIY marble maze

Take two small strips of 2 cm each. Glue these two sticks parallel on the inner side of the 5 cm strips. (Refer to the below image to understand better)

Step-by-step explaination of DIY marble maze

Your base box is now ready!

Place the decorated maze board on top of this base box so that it sits comfortably on top of the two 2 cm cardboard strips.

Step-by-step explaination of DIY marble maze

It’s time to play! Get your friends along as you compete in this friendly marble maze game.

How to play?

  1. The idea is to balance your marble from the ‘start’ point to the ‘finish’ point by carefully avoiding the potholes.
  2. Each time a player accidentally drops their marble into one of the holes, he/she loses a point.
  3. The fastest player to finish the game without dropping the marble is the winner.

Enjoy playing!

Did you enjoy this DIY activity? How did you decorate your board? Do tell us in the comments below.

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Mahitha hithendran

June 8, 2021

Super I like it

Sneha manoj gawande

May 11, 2021

Very interesting fun game

Gaurya Naik

March 25, 2021

I will surely try this after my exams ???

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March 5, 2021

Thank you. Byjus for such wonderful DIY l made its looking too beautiful……..

Pihu Tiwari

February 14, 2021

Flaw-less! It was awesome, I am gonna try this out for sure! Impressive work, great going. kudos…

bibin robase

February 11, 2021

It’s so fun. Thanks BYJU’S

Abhisar Singh

February 10, 2021

Nice, it’s marvellous ,plus it is DIY so it is easy, we can try it at and intersting. I will definetly try it at home.

Pooja v

February 8, 2021

It’s very interesting DIY and very simple and easy to make. Thank you byju’s for this amazing DIY??.

Mourosi Pal

February 2, 2021

That’s amazing!! I will definitely try it at home. Thanks Byju’s ☺️☺️


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