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Home remedies that are backed by Science

Team StoryWeavers|November 13, 2020, 06:04 IST| 1

Winter is coming! And with it will come its platoon of colds, flu, and several other illnesses. Of course, there are a variety of medicines available in the market to treat different diseases. Yet when it comes to treating a runny nose or sore throat, we turn to herbs and homemade syrups for a quick recovery. For instance, we drink a cup of ginger-tea for a sore throat, use lemon and honey mixture to get clear skin, and essential oils to dull a headache or reduce stress.

Ever wondered why? The answer is very simple – these homemade remedies are easy, convenient, and have almost no side effects.

And if you are also looking for some easy-to-do home remedies, we have got your back. This month, in #DIYCorner, we are bringing four simple home remedies that you can make using plants and herbs available at your home.

Have a sore throat? Mint and GingerMint and Ginger to the rescue

Mint, as common as it sounds, isn’t that simple. Belonging to the genus Mentha, mint has a very extended family that includes peppermint, spearmint, and many other plants. Mint is loaded with nutrients, due to which, you can find mint leaves in almost all types of cuisines, from Indian curry to Italian pizza! But when mixed with herbs like ginger roots, the antioxidants properties in ginger work together to fight infections (both bacterial and viral). Although the flavor of ginger is strong, it is tamed by the coolness of mint leaves.

Mint and Ginger syrup - home remedy

Homemade Cough Drops

Another way to fix a sore throat is with homemade cough lozenges or cough drops. Loaded with natural cough-busting ingredients like ginger root, lemon juice and honey, cough lozenges are just like hard candies.

Homemade cough drops

Fight Flu and other infection with traditional Kadha

This recipe is straight from your grandma’s kitchen! A decoction of edible herbs and spices, kadha or karha is not just used to get rid of bad flu but also works wonders on your immune system.

Traditional Indian Kadha

Fennel seed potion for better digestion

Both fennel and its seeds are packed with lots of nutrients. Although indigenous to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, fennel seeds have also been an integral part of Asian kitchens, especially due to its medicinal benefits. It is claimed that fennel seeds help in various digestion disorders including intestinal gas and bloating.

How you can consume fennel seeds?

Fennel oil and fennel seeds are used as flavoring agents in dishes and beverages. You can also just pop the seeds into your mouth or infuse it in water.

Fennel seeds homemade drink

*Disclaimer: Many of the remedies that we have listed above are the ones we grew up with or that our grandparents have passed down. While these quick remedies can come in handy for small problems, it should not be mistaken for medical advice from a doctor or medical expert. Please use your discretion and make sure you inform/seek help from your parents before you try any of the above DIY remedies.

Do you also have any such natural home remedies? Do tell us in the comments below.

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November 13, 2020

I know a home remedy which is helpful in cough, cold and sore throat. Make small chewable balls from crushed almonds, munakka and black pepper. Chew 3-4 balls daily and it’ll work like a magic!?


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