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How To Help Your Child Learn From Home

Team StoryWeavers|June 26, 2020|

A unique upside of the global pandemic is that parents everywhere are getting the chance to spend quality time at home with their children. While making the best use of this opportunity with fun at-home activities is one part of the equation, a lot of parents also have to navigate how their children can learn from home.  

Learning from home for your child can be made simple with a few easy steps and can turn into a bonding experience for the entire family. Here are 5 key tips from BYJU’S co-founder and teacher Divya Gokulnath on how to make learning from home hassle-free for your child.


Similar to a work from home routine for adults, it is important that children have a routine to their day even if they’re not going to school. Setting a timetable that mimics their school routine is the easiest way to do this. This could include the same sleep-wake times, study hours and play activities (recreation plays a big role in a child’s learning too).


Using space around the house creatively can also break the monotony for children. Divya believes that keeping boundaries fluid can help children learn from whichever part of the house they are most comfortable learning in – be it the dining table or the study.


There are a lot of options when it comes down to what to learn from home. They can range from topics which will help your children in school to their interests. Once you have a list of topics, you can start by watching videos on the topic then move on to finding real-life examples and lastly quizzing each other on the topic to test comprehension. Divya also recommends the use of play items while learning for young children since it catches their attention well.


Divya suggests being as much a part of your child’s learning process as possible. Talking, quizzing and learning from each other can help nurture your bond with your children. And as any parent will confirm, children will never fail to surprise you with their questions! If there are siblings at home, having the older sibling teach the younger one is also a great way for them to bond. 

Enjoying Small Things

There has been a vast change in routine for children from what they were used to. But this change is a great opportunity to help them realise the joy in little things. While going out for recreation is not an option, Divya believes that we can instead draw children’s focus to the simple joys around us. Be it enjoying the sounds of nature, or practising gratitude for what we have, it’s a chance to help children realise that simple, everyday things can bring happiness too. 

While these are trying times for the whole world, the silver lining is we all have an opportunity to look inwards and connect with the people who matter – our family. Children also look to adults during times like these and they will stay as composed as the adults around them. We hope these simple steps help you navigate this new situation with calm while nurturing the growth of your children.

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