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How BYJU’S sped up the learning process for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology?

Team StoryWeavers|February 17, 2023, 14:51 IST|

Children are gifted in unique ways. Most of them are inherently creative but haven’t discovered that side of theirs yet. Some children are naturally good at Science while others are at Mathematics. But a good percentage of students out there have not been keeping up with the learning process simply because they have not been taught about it the right way. 

How to learn Science and Maths differs from how one would learn History or Literature. Conceptual learning should take centre stage here; without it, learning happens by rote memorisation and hence becomes unsustainable.

Visual learning to the rescue:

Any complex problem or concept can be easily understood if broken down into smaller sections. Furthermore, using visuals or animations to explain these concepts goes a long way in helping students understand the underlying principles. Visuals are powerful tools as they help in boosting logical thinking, imagination and memory retention, among other things.

For example, a video that explains the entire photosynthesis process uses various multimedia tools to explain how the whole process works. The purpose of stomata, the intake of carbon dioxide, the release of oxygen, the absorption of water and nutrients and the synthesis of food are all explained with the help of visuals.

Learning with the help of visuals promotes a high level of mental retention in students. They can easily recall and reproduce what they have learned. It also promotes a sound understanding of concepts, which is not taken care of very well in conventional learning methods.

The use of real-life examples:

We tend to remember things better when we can relate to them. This is also the case with the students on the BYJU’S App. Since concepts are taught using practical and real-life examples, students understand the world around them by applying what they learn from the app. Now they can learn concepts and understand their practical applications in real-life situations.

Access to great mentors and teachers:

BYJU’S has given its students access to some of the best teachers and mentors in the country. Whenever a doubt arises in their minds, they can get in touch with their teachers conveniently by using the app. The teachers quickly resolve their doubts and help build confidence in the students. Teachers teach Maths and Science with a sound understanding of the subject and student psychology, which is of great help to the students.

Exercises at the end of each chapter:

To ensure that students are thorough with the concepts, exercises have been provided at the end of each chapter in the app. Practising exercises helps sharpen skills and further the understanding of the subject. After their performance analysis, mentors guide students to focus on critical areas of improvement. Maths and Science are subjects that require constant revision for students to remain up-to-date and sharp.

BYJU’S App is an excellent addition to students’ arsenal and can help them stay ahead of the rest of their class. With well-explained videos and a focus on developing problem-solving skills, the app receives new updates now and then, thus constantly improving the user-experience for students.

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