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What really happens to medicines you throw away

Achoo! Cough, cough… a little pain here, a little pain there… At some point, all of us come across some...

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What If There Was a Food Replacement Pill?

It is a constant theme in science fiction, and one you certainly must have heard about.  The man or woman...

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The Story of Insulin, Curiosity And Hope

Since the dawn of time, we have searched for ways to make life easier for us. The modern age has...

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Fermentation DIY – Blow a balloon with yeast!

Learn all about Yeast and Fermentation. Watch them in action with this fun and simple DIY. Let’s make some gas and blow a balloon!

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Are There Really Right-Brained and Left-Brained People?

Have you ever heard people say that they tend to be more of a right-brain or left-brain thinker? From books...

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What’s the fuss about a Mole?

Welcome back, science enthusiast! Today is a special day for all science enthusiasts. It’s International Mole Day. Now, you might...

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Understanding the work that won Nobel Prize 2020 in Science

The 2020 edition of the Nobel Prize was declared in the second week of October 2020. As always, it honored remarkable work of research in the field of science over the years, some dating back to 1965 and some as recent as 2012. Here’s a brief explanation of the works of the Nobel laureates of 2020 in the three science fields - Chemistry, Physics and Medicine/Physiology.

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The Origin Story – The Accidental Discovery of Vulcanised Rubber

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘rubber’? The eraser you use at school perhaps. Or maybe...

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The 5 Rarest Elements on Earth

We all use different chemical elements in our lives every day without knowing them. Right from the moment we wake...

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