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How We Prioritised Employee Wellbeing Amid Covid-19 Challenges at BYJU’S

Even with increased alertness and healthcare initiatives to curb Covid-19, our experiences have taught us that being prepared is key...

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Helping Hands: Meet the BYJUites Leading the Way With Their Covid Relief Efforts

The second wave of Covid-19, marked by a rise in cases and mounting pleas for help, has no doubt hit...

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The sixth-grader from BYJU’S who built a COVID detector to help people!

“I want to do something better for society. For that, I am preparing to become a doctor -cum-entrepreneur and set...

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A salute to COVID Heroes on World Science Day for Peace and Development 2020

Today, November 10, is celebrated as World Science Day for Peace and Development. Started by the United Nations Educational, Scientific...

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