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Who owns the moon?

Back in 1980, a former car salesman named Dennis Hope was out of work, going through a divorce and struggling...

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Why is International Day of the Girl Child Celebrated?

Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Friendship Day and Teachers’ Day are among some of the most popular days of celebration that...

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World Space Week – Famous ‘Firsts’ in Space

Space is fascinating! It baffles us, leaves us in total wonder, and encourages us to stay curious, seek information, and...

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Why Do Some Plants Eat Insects?

Meet Bob! Bob belongs to the stunningly gorgeous Venus Flytrap family. He is super friendly! Just like his other plant...

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15 Amazing Facts About The Indian Constitution: International Day of Democracy Special

January 26, 1950 was the day a new democracy was born, the day India saw its constitution come to being,...

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When Looking At Stars, You’re Actually Looking Into The Past

The idea of time travel has fascinated us for generations, and we see it in movies, television shows, and popular...

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The Mystery Builders of Ancient Egypt’s Pyramids

Planet Earth is home to some spectacular relics from bygone eras, the constructions of which seem to defy the technological...

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Here are 10 life-changing lessons from Tokyo Olympics

Every four years (well, five this time around), we get to see the world’s best athletes compete at the Olympic...

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Meet The World’s Most Accurate Clock

Time is an extremely perplexing concept! We can feel time but we cannot explain it. In maths, time can be...

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