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Mission Red Planet: The story of life on Mars through rovers

Last time on Origin Story, we learnt about the origin of airplanes. This time, let us fly a bit higher...

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Women’s Day: NASA’s Dr Swati Mohan and her story of ‘perseverance’

“Touchdown confirmed!” These are the words that the world anxiously waited for as NASA’s Perseverance rover made its descent onto...

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Why Is The Moon Rusting? Even Scientists Are Stumped

Here’s a bit of news guaranteed to surprise you: the Moon is rusting! Seriously. New research from ISRO’s Chandrayaan-1 lunar...

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NASA’s Mars Rover ‘Perseverance’ Lifts Off – All You Need to Know

Continuing its never-ending quest to study our closest neighbour in the solar system, NASA has successfully launched its latest mission...

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Meet The Record-Setting Astronaut Everyone Is Talking About

It’s one thing to be an astronaut, it’s another to be a record-setting one! Christina Koch falls among the latter....

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Can NASA Scientists Dig A Hole On Mars?

Did you know there’s a mystery on Mars that has left NASA scientists baffled? This month we bring to you...

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