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Meet The Record-Setting Astronaut Everyone Is Talking About

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Image Source: The Guardian

It’s one thing to be an astronaut, it’s another to be a record-setting one!

Christina Koch falls among the latter. The 41-year-old American astronaut returned to Earth on Feb 6th, 2020 after spending 328 days in space on the International Space Station. This set a new record for the longest time a woman has spent in space! And that’s not all, during her long orbit around Earth, Christina also made history by completing the first all-female spacewalk with fellow astronaut Jessica Meir! 

Fact Check

A spacewalk is when an astronaut does any kind of work outside a spacecraft.

Christina’s major work on the International Space Station included growing protein crystals that may be helpful in treating Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. During that time, she completed 5248 orbits around Earth. Some experts are also hoping for Christina to be a part of the manned mission to the Moon that NASA is planning in 2024. If that does happen, Christina will have yet another record to her name, that is, being the first woman to set foot on the moon!

Christina’s other achievements include baking the first batch of chocolate chip cookies in space!

When she landed back on Earth in Kazakhstan, one of the first things Christina said she noticed was the lovely breeze on her face. This was the first time she experienced this as there is no wind in space! When talking about getting back to living on the blue planet, she said she’s looking forward to spending time with her pet dog, finally eating the food she likes and going to the beach. 

Astronauts give up a lot of comforts to spend time in space and perform scientific experiments.

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