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An Asteroid Might Crash Into The Earth By 2300

Our future generations might need to look out for a huge asteroid, which has a chance of colliding with the...

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Why do Worker Ants Carry the Grubs About? And Other Fun Facts About Ants!

All of us tend to look up to big people for lessons on how to get better. We are keen...

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Why Do We Cry?

We all cry. It is a part of our system. The reasons can vary – maybe your teacher, parent or...

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Isaac Newton and Harry Potter Were Searching for the Same Thing

Whales evolved from tiny deer-like animals, mussels could start filtering ocean waste, pyjamas became popular during World War 1 –...

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Here are 10 life-changing lessons from Tokyo Olympics

Every four years (well, five this time around), we get to see the world’s best athletes compete at the Olympic...

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Today in Evolution: Elephants Lose Their Tusks!

Travelling to outer space, discovering cures for deadly diseases, accessing the world’s knowledge at our fingertips – some of the...

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Sunday Challenge #15 – Serendipity!

Welcome back to BYJU’S Sunday Challenge! In this edition, we explore accidents through history that unexpectedly led to fortunate discoveries...

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Sleeping on it: 5 Discoveries and Inventions Made in Dreams

Have you ever been so occupied with a thought or a problem that it continues to be with you in...

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Can Your Cat or Dog Tell What Time It Is? The Answer Will Amaze You!

It’s five o clock, and your dog is excitedly wagging her tail and nuzzling against you. Your furry friend is...

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