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Origin Story: Why Do We Say Hello When Answering the Phone?

What word is more ever-present in the English language as “hello?” Sure, ‘mama’ or ‘dada’ might often be an infant’s...

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15 Amazing Facts About The Indian Constitution: International Day of Democracy Special

January 26, 1950 was the day a new democracy was born, the day India saw its constitution come to being,...

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Why do Worker Ants Carry the Grubs About? And Other Fun Facts About Ants!

All of us tend to look up to big people for lessons on how to get better. We are keen...

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When Looking At Stars, You’re Actually Looking Into The Past

The idea of time travel has fascinated us for generations, and we see it in movies, television shows, and popular...

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The Mystery Builders of Ancient Egypt’s Pyramids

Planet Earth is home to some spectacular relics from bygone eras, the constructions of which seem to defy the technological...

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Here are 10 life-changing lessons from Tokyo Olympics

Every four years (well, five this time around), we get to see the world’s best athletes compete at the Olympic...

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Meet The World’s Most Accurate Clock

Time is an extremely perplexing concept! We can feel time but we cannot explain it. In maths, time can be...

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So You Want to Be a Space Tourist? Here’s How it’s Done

Though we’ve been living in the Space Age for more than half a century, going into space remains an extreme...

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BYJU’S Student Abhimanyu On Acing The RK Vidyapith Exam And The Future Of Online Classes

Abhimanyu Nath from West Bengal’s Durgapur wishes to join the Indian military when he grows up, and the 11-year-old is...

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