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Team StoryWeavers|September 13, 2018|

Books are an escape, stories, a journey to lands unknown, filled with magic, beauty and wonder, they remind us to believe in miracles, look for the silver linings, and keep the curiosity in us alive forever! Roald Dahl is known around the world as an author and creator of magical worlds like Loompaland, Chocolate Factory etc. and introducing us to lovable characters like Mr. Fox, Matilda, Charlie and the Big Friendly Giant. His books are an inspiration to children across the world, giving them a platform to dream, let their imagination run loose, and experience childhood in a unique and fun way. This is one of the reasons many schools have a few books of this amazing writer in their syllabus to give their students a chance to experience his writing style, his creative way of thinking and his love for creatures and stories that inspire faith, innocence and joy in all of us.

Here are a few quotes to keep you driven through the biggest challenges in your life, from some of Roald Dahl’s best books. Make sure to get your hands on these works and loose yourself in these magical worlds.

  1. “Somewhere inside all of us, is the power to change the world” – Matilda
  2. “Those who don’t believe in magic, will never find it” – The Minpins
  3. “A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest men” – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  4. “It’s impossible to make your eyes twinkle if you aren’t feeling twinkly yourself” – Danny, The Champion of the World
  5. “It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, as long as somebody loves you”- The Heart of the Witch

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