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3 easy steps to make your own Resolution book

Team StoryWeavers|January 23, 2020|

Did you know that the tradition of setting a new year’s resolution is 4,000 years old?

The ancient Babylonians believed in beginning a year by resolving to learn from their past and bettering themselves for the future. 

Indeed, a new year is a great opportunity to set new goals, learn new skills, discard some old bad habits and restart last year’s goal. 

But often you get demotivated midway after you set your resolutions. This can be due to reasons like:

  1. You set your resolutions right but forgot to write them down.
  2. Your resolutions didn’t include any proper timeline.
  3. You crammed your year with too many resolutions. 

This blog will address all about setting new year goals and find a better way to fulfill them this year.

Key points to remember while setting with your resolution checklist

1. Start with realistic and easy-to-do goals. 

Goals are easy to set and hard to meet. Hence, keep your goals simple, doable, and lesser in numbers. You can start with a mini-goal, fulfill it first, and then set another goal.

2. Set positive resolutions 

Setting positive resolutions will motivate you to work towards your goals with more positive energy. For instance, instead of saying, “In 2020, I will stop wasting my free time in…” 

Start with these:

  • In 2020, I am going to utilize my free time
  • In 2020, I am going to help my siblings with their homework

3. Replace the word ‘I’ll TRY’ with ‘I WILL’

Instead of using words like ‘try’ or ‘make sure’ for setting goals, choose the words ‘will’ or ‘want to’ to boost up your self-confidence.  

4. Add goals in your calendar

Once you set your goals for the year, add them to your calendar and place it in an area that is easily visible. This will remind you to fulfill your goals. 

Now that you are ready to set your resolutions for 2020, here’s a million-dollar question for you – “How do you make it work?”

The answer to this is – “Find a way to make it fun!” 

And we have a way to help you with that.

DIY your own Resolution Book!

Here are some cool ideas that you can refer to while creating your own resolution book. 

Whether you are creating a resolution book or a sheet, you can start off by picking a theme. You can also build a Story map, where you can create characters, note down their problems and how to solve them by setting new resolutions.  

Once you have selected a theme, start off with the design part. You can get as creative as you want and design your resolution book according to your theme. You can use colours, recycled papers, sticky notes or even doodle around the cover page of your book.

Fill the blank pages of your resolution book with things you want to achieve this year. You can fill the pages according to months or major goals and their time periods. You can also add mini treats to yourself once you achieve a goal. For example: treat yourself with a yummy donut once you meet your first goal. 

You can note down your resolutions in any form – in a book, a scroll, reminder tags or even on a calendar. The most important thing is to set your goals right and work towards achieving them. We are sure you will achieve your goals for this year with these easy DIY ideas. 

Do let us know in the comments what are your three main goals for 2020, and how are you going to achieve them? 

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