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Here’s What The Learning Tree Has In Store For 2020!

Team StoryWeavers|January 11, 2020|

We’re super excited to start a whole new decade of learning with you! In 2019, we learnt a lot of amazing things together and we want to keep exploring interesting topics in 2020 too. You told us what you wanted through your feedback and we heard you loud and clear!

Let’s revisit some favourites from 2019 and meet the exciting things in store for 2020!

We hope you’re all geared up for the learning journey we’re starting together in 2020! Keep reading the Learning Tree Blog for more surprises!

Revisit some of your old favourites here:

Origami: The ancient art of folding papers

How Computer Evolved: A look at all the generations

2019- The year of the periodic table

BYJU’S Summer Camp – 2019: A fun-filled summer vacation

This Diwali, BYJU’S received a special diya from a special friend

Congratulations winner! Your mission to the moon has been a success!

This Month In Science History – January born scientists!

Want us to include some new topics? Comment and let us know!

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Deepthi is an ambivert who is on a steady diet of good food, filter coffee, and self-improvement. Being an ardent reader, storytelling has been her first love and she enjoys exploring how to convey stories compellingly. Having studied psychology and experienced the learning and development field, Deepthi is driven to understand human behavior and to know what makes each of us unique. You are most likely to find her tucked into a cozy corner at a local cafe with a Kindle or a book in hand. If you find her there, stop by and say hello, she'd be eager to learn your story too. Until then, you can ping her at for anything you may like to share.

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