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This Month In Science History – Scientists who celebrated their Birthday in September

Team StoryWeavers|October 3, 2018|

Science is constantly evolving, helping us understand our world better. Here are a few scientists who celebrated their birthdays in September, thanks to whom our lives have been made a little easier and lot more interesting.

E.C.George Sudharshan

Born : September 16th, 1931

Profession : Computer Scientist and professor

Honours : Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan, CV Raman Award, Majorana Prize

Known for : Challenging Albert Einstein’s theory that nothing with mass can travel faster than  light.

Yelavarthy Nayudamma

Born : September 10th, 1922

Profession : Chemical Engineer and scientist

Honours : Padma Shri, Raja-Lakshmi Award, Served as Director-General of CSIR, Delhi

Known for : Born out of an agricultural family, Nayudamma earned a name for himself becoming the founding president of the Committee for Science and Technology for Developing Countries.

Madhu Sudan

Born : September 12th, 1966

Profession : Theoretical physicist and professor

Honours : Rolf Nevanlinna Prize, Gödel Prize, Fellow of American Mathematical Society, Infosys Prize

Known for : Am alumnus of IIT Delhi, Sudan was a permanent researcher at Microsoft Research in England and is currently a professor at Harvard University.

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