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Necessity Is The Mother of Invention – Inventor’s Day

Team StoryWeavers|September 27, 2018, 07:00 IST| 23

Education is imparted to awaken the natural curiosity of young minds, encouraging them to step out, think beyond and create. From the first wheel constructed during the stone age, to the ancient stupas and stepwells to the more recent studies in Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology etc – What is common among these?

These are all inventions by men and women around the world who sought to solve a problem,by coming up with a solution never thought of before.

Inventors Day is celebrated on the 11th of February, honouring the brilliant minds across the world who made lives easier for us.

Here are a few Indian inventors who achieved global recognition because of their revolutionary inventions

Alefia Merchant (34 Years) – A medical student, Alefia devised a unique way of screening eye diseases in children under the age of 5. This method uses a digital camera that elicits red reflexes. If reflexes are abnormal, it suggests asymmetry in the eyes that could in the future lead to eye diseases.


Pranav Mistry ( 32 Years) – One of the top 10 best inventors in the world, Pranav made heads turn with his work on Sixth Sense, a device that works completely on gestural interface software.


Remya Jose (23 Years) – Sick of the tiresome routine of washing clothes by hand everyday, Remya Jose from Kerala invented her own washing – cum – exercise machine which, runs on pedalling rather than electricity to wash and dry clothes.



Harit Soni (29 Years) – In a country where power cuts are a part of regular life, Harit Soni devised a metre called Zigbee. This metre minimizes the wastage of electricity during transmission and distribution.



Ajit Narayan (32 Years) – Ajit changed the world for people with disabilities with his invention, Avaz. Avaz assists disabled people communicate, helping those with autism, cerebral palsy etc.


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May 12, 2018

Very nice. Thanks for information


March 17, 2018

Wonderful inventions

Manamita Datta

March 11, 2018

Nice information!


March 2, 2018

doing a great job hats off for the whole byju s team

Shaktipad Rsy

February 28, 2018

Proud to be an Indian with such a people


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Excellent way of giving knowledge about invention

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February 20, 2018

Byjus is really innovative and introduces new and efficient ways of

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Byjus learning is very perfect.Thanks.I Am appreciate you.

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February 14, 2018

Please let me know what is the subject? To reply you.

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February 13, 2018

Supper how I can get to know to invent like this kind of innovation

Gajanan Tekavade

February 13, 2018

Thank you Sir for this knowledge and inspired in our future life.


February 12, 2018

Very nice Can I also join next year

satpal suri

February 12, 2018

We should encourage such genius.


February 12, 2018


Naresh pal Singh

February 12, 2018

True leaders of our country.


February 11, 2018

Wow thanks you so much byjus for letting me know about such wonderful ppl.


February 11, 2018

Many thanks for the information. All these are new to me. Thanks a lot.


February 11, 2018

Can you give me tips of these


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February 11, 2018

Byjus -one of the worlds best teacher I know…….


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Byjus app is wonderful in revealing mysteries around us

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Its very nice and giving us a nice knowledge


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