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Easing homework burden via the BYJU’S app

Team StoryWeavers|January 25, 2022, 19:28 IST|

Handle your homework better with BYJU'S app.

The moment children hear the word homework you may spot a change in expression on some of their faces. It is not that all children hate homework but the fact that it has been seen by most children as a burden still remains a reality. But homework is important and offers a number of benefits.

What are the pros of completing homework regularly?

Homework deals with repeating what was taught in class and this repetition brings with it a host of benefits for students. Homework offers a great opportunity to go through the topics that were taught at school and it quickly helps in building the understanding of the subject. Here are some activities that help students get an edge when completing homework regularly:

  • Students can retain factual knowledge much better.
  • Students become more responsible and develop accountability.
  • It helps in developing a better understanding of topics.
  • Students can develop crucial critical thinking skills.
  • Helps in cultivating better study-discipline and study-habits.
  • Homework also helps teachers track students’ progress.
  • It helps develop better time management skills for students.
  • Students also develop independent problem-solving skills.
  • To a certain extent, students can experience increased parental involvement in matters of schooling.
  • It also helps students realise their capabilities and shortcomings, which, in turn, helps them improve their skills in the long run.

Why do some students hate the word homework?

After a student goes to school and spends hours in each class they literally get exhausted. Finally, by the time they reach home, they are too tired to do any kind of work that requires focus. This is one of the reasons why some students end up piling up their homework. This also causes them to lose continuity in their lessons. It is hard to find a student who says that homework is always fun!  

  • Repetitive and boring topics can lead to a potential loss of interest in academic subjects.
  • Homework sometimes eats away free time or time allocated for other activities.
  • Students may get stuck trying to find solutions to problems and hence become demoralised.

How does BYJU’S app help with homework?

The entire app revolves around delivering a high-quality learning experience for students. It takes into account numerous factors such as student engagement and interests. It also enhances the overall conceptual and visual learning experience. Here are some reasons why BYJU’S will make homework a lot less stressful for students:

  • Students get to review the concepts taught at school using the app. This helps them get a better understanding of the subject with the help of audio-visual elements and hence solidify their understanding of the topic.
  • BYJU’S app helps students with instant doubt clarification and hence there is no question of getting stuck in the learning process.
  • Practice questions help them in improving their performance each and every time and help build their confidence.
  • Since BYJU’S app is very vocal about conceptual learning and all tools within the app promote a similar learning experience rather than rote learning. Therefore students are bound to remember what they learn for a very long time.
  • The app has a very peculiar way of helping students gain interest even in the most boring topics. The app does this by simplifying concepts and using graphics, videos and other multimedia content.
  • The mentors and teachers play an important role in helping students fulfill their objectives and performance analysis is done periodically to focus on key areas of improvement.
  • Since the app helps students save a lot of time that would otherwise be lost commuting, they usually end up having plenty of time for other activities, which will help them retain work-life balance.

BYJU’S app has been very effective in reducing the homework burden for students. The use of technology for learning has been the hallmark of BYJU’S and this has proven to be very effective in making the lives of students a lot easier. Making the entire learning process fun and engaging is what helps drive students to improve their performance over time. Here are a few testimonials from app users out there who have shared with us their experience and how the app has changed their life for the better! Do you find your homework to be a burden? Please share your thoughts below in the comments section…

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