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Teacher – The Multitasking Superhero

Team StoryWeavers|September 5, 2017|

They test us, assess us, guide us, inspire us and humor us.

They show us the path in life and tell us right from wrong.

They amaze us with their unrelenting patience and ability to motivate.

Teachers take up multiple roles in our lives

Thus becoming the true multitasking superheroes!

Here are a few out of the hundred roles a teacher plays in our lives

  • The Guide – Guiding students all the way from Nursery, where they cry and bawl, to their college days, when they can stand up and have intellectual debates.
  • The Mentor – Inspire, encourage and praise. Their only target is to make their students future superheroes.
  • The Second Parent – A parent’s peace of mind is a teacher’s peace of mind. All those hours spent in school from scolding us to treating us with food on tough exam days. They are there for it all.
  • The Friend – From giving us a shoulder to cry on, reassuring us that exams are not the be-and-end all to advising us to get a haircut because it’s too out of place, they have all the solutions.
  • The Role Model – They may not be Batman, Captain America, Shaktiman or Kalpana Chawla but they are awesome enough sometimes to make us wonder how they do it.
  • The Actors with big hearts – Good teachers are great performers with big hearts. They have the answers and ideas to solve a problem in the best possible ways.

BYJU’S salutes the teachers who inspire us to put out best foot forward in every aspect of life. They strive everyday to better their teaching styles and maintain the student-teacher affiliation

The teachers at BYJU’S too are some of the most amazing people in the realm of teaching. Keep an eye out for our next segment where we give you a peek into the lives of some of your favorite BYJU’S teachers.

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