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This International Mother Language Day, BYJUites celebrated multilingualism

Team StoryWeavers|March 13, 2023, 15:27 IST| 2
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This International Mother Language Day, BYJUites celebrated multilingualism by sharing videos of them speaking in their native language. Watching them speak the one sentence we believe the most in BYJU’s was beautiful – Learning never stops

International Mother Language Day is observed each year on the 21st of February to promote linguistic and cultural diversity.

Watch this video to catch a glimpse of the cultural diversity at BYJU’S.



Featured in the video are:

Rama Karpagam R from the Tutoring team

Amruta Sakrikar, an Academic Specialist

Ashok Kumar from the BTC faculty 

Ezitha Monteiro from the Tutoring team

Rishi Priyanka from the Tutoring team

Kavita Bansal from the Tutoring team 

Jasjeet Singh from Inbound K12 (BDA) team 

Deepthi George from the Tutoring team 

Mrunal Maya Mohanty from Student Experience Team 

Vaishali Kanyal from the Student Experience team 

Nilofar Begum from the Tutoring team

Prajwal Raturi from the Academics team 

Moinak Sarkar, an Academic Specialist

Sivaramakrishnan, an Academic Specialist 

Akhter Ahmad Sofi, Faculty


What’s your mother tongue? Leave us a  comment! 


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March 24, 2023

Hi social media friends …As a BYJUites I am very happy with all the facilities provided to us we have lots of opportunities for enjoying and a best working environment .Like more often to share our thoughts with colleagues . And we have best opportunity to guide new aspirants with our best knowledge. BYJU’S have provided a platform to encourage people towards study and jobs with easy tech skills…Thanks for being a part of Special Education Platform BYJU’S…


March 24, 2023

happy to see that i was featured for International Mother Language Day,


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