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An Ode to Teachers Outside the Classroom: Teachers’ Day at BYJU’S

Ever had a super supportive colleague who helped you get through tough the times with a simple life hack? It...

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Friendship Day 2021: ‘Twas a mix of fun, warmth and laughter

Friends are the family we choose. And Friendship Day is the time we get to celebrate the bonds we share...

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Just Meme It! BYJUites will Leave you in Splits with These Hilarious Memes

What’s friendship without some leg-pulling, right? This Friendship Day, BYJUites took a friendly dig at their office buddies with a...

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Plastic Bag Free Day at BYJU’S: Celebrating the Eco Ninjas Around Us

“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly” –...

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A leap into the world of fun and learning for Li’l BYJUites

The month of June was super exciting and ‘engaging’ for the Li’l BYJUites.  Wonder why?  It’s because Engage 2.0 was...

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World Poetry Day | Here’s how BYJUites penned their emotions about the year 2020

To celebrate World Poetry Day, we conducted a week-long ‘Pen-it-Down Poetry Contest’ for the super-talented in-house poets of BYJU’S.  Read...

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Tunes, talents and lots of strumming: Here’s how BYJUites celebrated Guitar Day

Shredding on a guitar is pretty much the epitome of cool. And, talking of cool, we have a legion of...

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Junior BYJUites in desi avatars | Republic Day at BYJU’S

What can be more adorable than kids in creative outfits? For Republic Day this year, we decided to extend the...

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Attention all bookworms! BYJUites just got their own Book Club

It all started when a bunch of BYJUites – who also happen to be die-hard bookworms – joined forces to...

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