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Team StoryWeavers|December 01, 2023, 17:23 IST|
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On the occasion of Gratitude Day, we requested the women at BYJU’S to share stories about the special women in their lives! From mothers, to friends, to mentors we received some heartfelt responses from the BYJUites. 

We’d love you to take a look at the inspiring stories. 

Anjali Sunil has shared how her best friend in office Arya Sasidharan stood by her side during a very tough phase of her life. Arya has been a great inspiration for Anjali as a tutor as well as a human being. Not only did she teach Anjali how to be kind and gentle but also how to be a good listener and a good human being. 

Ankita Gupta who believes that it takes a good leader to lead a team to success has applauded her reporting manager Shruti Karn whose appearance, tone, positive perspective and stern expectations deserve the utmost respect. She says it’s because of Shruti that Ankita feels compelled to put her 100% effort into her work. 

Jayashri Patel on the other hand has expressed gratitude towards herself. Good days or tough days, Jayashri has taken this opportunity to appreciate herself for being able to stand strong and fight any hardships that come her way. It’s true that we forget to appreciate ourselves enough most of the time and we all should take a cue from Jayashri for inspiring us to practice self-love. 

The next story is from Rupal Makhijani who has expressed her gratitude towards her mentor Mrunal Moghe and compared their relationship to that of pancakes and maple syrup. These two share a long-distance friendship and have still not met in person, but some relationships go beyond regular meetup. Rupal believes that knowing and having someone like Mrunal by her side is the best gift that BYJU’S has given her. 

Sanjana Shauhan has expressed gratitude towards her beloved mother who devoted five years of her life to advanced yoga training, emerging as a certified yoga therapist. Sanjana believes that her mother’s transformation from a woman navigating life’s complexities to a thriving, economically independent yoga therapist is a testament to her indomitable spirit and the power of pursuing one’s passions relentlessly. 

Ayanika Sen, Anushrishti, Ujjawal Singh and Vatsala Mishra have used this opportunity to applaud and thank their mothers for being an inspiration in their lives and teaching them how to make the right decisions even during the most uncertain situations. 

So many heartfelt stories and so many women to be grateful for! Enjoy reading the inspiring stories? Who are you inspired by in your life? Share your stories in the comments below. 

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