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Mother’s Day Special | BYJUites celebrate moms and their unconditional love

Team StoryWeavers|May 22, 2023, 13:22 IST| 1
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Mother’s Day is special; while moms deserve our love and respect every single day, dedicating a day to appreciate them and recognize all that they do for us…good idea, isn’t it? Nothing new can be said about mothers that haven’t already been said. They are an emotion, the epitome of unconditional love; we are who we are because of them

This year, BYJUites celebrated their moms, took time out to spend quality time with them and shared some beautiful, fun stories with their moms. 

We organized a super exciting Mother’s Day Special Game Night, a perfect opportunity for BYJUites to bond with their moms or their kids. It began with an Ultimate Trivia Quiz which teased their grey cells and the pairs were very quick to answer! 

It then concluded with a thrilling Scavenger Hunt which kept the mother-child duos on their toes, running around hunting for the cues. 

Meet the winners of the Mother’s Day Special Game Night! 

Mother's Day special game night winners

As a part of the Mother’s Day Contest, BYJUites shared beautiful photographs with their mothers along with some heartwarming stories. 

Here are some that stole our hearts. 

Mother's Day Contest


Rajni Mehta says she sees her reflection in her daughter and is proud to be her mom





Mother's Day contest


Ayshi Banik shares this collage in awe of her mother’s youthful glow, energy, and strength





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Mother's Day contest


M. Vineela beautifully recreated her mother’s photograph and we can clearly see the strikingly similar features





Mother's Day contest


Here’s another stunning recreation by Trisha Tewari in the same saree, pose, and accessories, as her mum’s





Mother's Day


Such a cute photograph shared by Neha Maheshwari in the same sunglasses and saree





Mother's Day



Jeff Jose’s adorable image with his mom is melting our hearts





Mother's Day contest


Archana Sriwastava shares that her mum is her biggest support system





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Mother's Day



Rahul Ray shares his love for his mother and says that words aren’t enough to describe his love for her




Mother's Day



Doesn’t Siddhkala G look exactly like her mom in this photograph? We are sure she hears that a lot!




Mother's Day



This warm picture was shared by Panabaka Nikhlesh





Mother's Day


Shruti Tyagi looks so strikingly similar to her mother, doesn’t she?





Mother's Day


This is Chetan Verma’s go-to-pic whenever he misses his mom





Loved these heartwarming photographs? Tell us in the comments what did you do for your mum this Mother’s Day.


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