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Mother’s Day Celebration Like Never Before! Here’s All That Happened

Team StoryWeavers|May 13, 2022, 17:01 IST|
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Mother’s Day is a special occasion for all of us! In fact, the month of May begins with thinking and coming up with different ways to make our moms feel extra special on their day. With this very idea in mind, we tried to make this month super special for the mums of BYJU’S (and other BYJUites as well) by curating a barrage of fun activities, contests, panel discussions and workshops.

Text conversations with mommys!

Text Contest: The Mom Edition at BYJU’S

Whether you are living with them or away, on your own, the texts from moms are always the best. They never miss a chance to wish us good morning or check whether or not we have had our food. If (god forbid), someday we are home late, the text messages scream loud and clear, the many ways we have disappointed her.

To make BYJUites relive these sweet memories, we organized a contest where participants had to share screenshots of text messages with their mothers. Here are a few of them that will make you go AWW! 

Best healthy nutrition practices workshop by Nestle

A wellness-based workshop on healthy nutrition practices for BYJUites

Our mothers have always make sure that we eat nutritious meals at the right time. Keeping this in mind, we conducted a workshop on the Best Healthy Nutrition Practices by Nestle. During this session, BYJUites learned all about imbibing healthy eating practices, across different age groups, at home. Dr. Priya Karkera, a Pediatric Nutritionist from Nestle also spoke about the benefits of choosing healthy and nutritious eating habits.

Panel discussion on redefining motherhood

A Panel Discussion on Redefining Motherhood

The roles and responsibilities of mothers have changed over the years. To celebrate Mother’s Day,  we organized an interactive panel discussion, highlighting the lesser-discussed aspects of motherhood, life as working mothers and the various challenges faced by them. It was an interactive session that saw active participation from BYJUites, as they shared their views and opinions on managing work and children at home.

Postcards to make mothers feel extra special

Mother’s Day special postcards for BYJUites

Personalised postcards are always special. On Mother’s Day, we shared some cute postcards with BYJUites to share with their mothers. We also shared some postcards that they could share with the mother-like figures in their lives. Here is a glimpse of the postcards that made Mother’s Day at BYJU’S all the more special. 


How did you make your mother feel special, this Mother’s Day? Tell us in the comments below!

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