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What’s your pet’s personality type?

Team StoryWeavers|June 15, 2023, 12:08 IST|
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Just like humans, pets possess distinct personality types and behavioural traits that explain their everyday quirks. Is your dog cautious of strangers and has trust issues or are they the friendly type who becomes best buddies with everyone in 3 seconds? Maybe, you have a cat who has a knack for getting their way for just about anything? 

Whether they are extroverted with a goofy smile plastered on their face or a shy, judgemental pet who wins you over with their side-eye, a pet’s personality type has a way of capturing our hearts.  

Let’s delve into the world of pet personality types and their adorable antics that make them truly one-of-a-kind.


pet personality type

Pets with this personality type are born to lead, be it a pack or a home! Right from the comfort of the couch, they rule the household. Whether it is food or toys, they don’t fetch, they make you do it. Owing to their authoritative demeanour, you become prey to their charm and follow their orders (read: barks). They are undeniably the alpha of your family and you don’t mind it, you love it!


pet personality type

You are not blessed with their love, you need to earn it! Pets with this set of characteristics are the type who will play with you and engage but will move on in a quick fraction of a second the moment they are bored, and you will find yourself wondering what wrong did you do. Observe that these pets always have a scheming resting face.


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personality of pets

These pets are fun-loving, always up to some mischief, and have a constant goofy expression on their faces. They might keep you on your toes, running behind them to stop them from accidentally knocking things over. But, such pets certainly keep you entertained at all times with their cheeky antics. Whether it is chasing their own tail or making comical faces, they never fail to bring laughter to the household.


pet personality

They are an ideal, obedient fur baby who follows all your commands – the ultimate loyalist. Pets with these characteristics are like your constant shadow following you everywhere, be it to another city or even just to the restroom. You will never feel lonely with them around; they have a special knack for making you feel cherished at all times.


pet personality types

You know they have a rich personality but they take some time to open up, especially with strangers. They are reserved, shy yet charming, and most of the time they just mind their own business and don’t really need you to keep them entertained. These pets are independent souls who shower their affection only on the chosen few.


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Tell us in the comments below what’s your pet’s personality type.

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