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National Pet Day | Go p-awww with these pet stories by BYJUites

Team StoryWeavers|May 09, 2023, 15:53 IST|
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National Pet Day is an occasion to celebrate the immense delight pets bring to our lives but if you are a pet parent you know that every day is a celebration with fur babies by your side! 

This year, BYJUites shared their love for their pets on social media and it truly is an overload of cuteness. 

Here is a glimpse of the posts to make your day brighter! 


On this special occasion, Pawhood, a community at BYJU’S for pet owners and animal lovers, launched a new series, Tales of Tails. Through this series, we meet BYJUite pet parents and their adorable pets. In the first feature, Clement C talks about his cheerful 2-year-old Labrador. 

Tales of Tails

Let’s hear from a few members of the Pawhood community about how their pets changed their lives and their message to all pet parents & animal lovers out there. 

Sweta Bhushan & her pet, Rogger

Student Success Specialist, Mentoring

Our relationship with Rogger, our 7-year-old Labrador goes way back. He is the son of our 14-year-old dog who passed away in 2020 so he is the second generation of fur babies in our home. Now, Rogger is a central part of our lives. Right from eating with us to travelling together, we ensure he is included in every aspect. Having a pet really changes you and your perspective on life. Their loyalty and little quirks win your hearts in an instant.

Aashish Limje and his pet, Snow

Student Councillor

Snow, our 2-year-old pet, entered our lives during the first wave of COVID-19. Like most others, my wife and I were alone at home, locked down and lonely due to isolation. That’s when we decided to adopt Snow. Sometime after, my wife was hospitalised for COVID, and Snow and I were at home. This unfortunate situation brought us closer and we began caring for each other and developed a strong companionship. 

My only message to all people looking to adopt is that please know it is a huge responsibility like raising a baby. If you are unsure of your commitment levels, you can feed the dogs/cats on your street; it’s about making a difference.

Tanusha Tyagi and her pet, Cuddle

Math Tutor

I have an elder sister who is quite busy with her academics and work. Moreover, I am an introverted girl who isn’t very social and that’s when I knew a pet could fill a space in my life. And indeed, it did! 

One thing that my family and I are very particular about is never to tie up Cuddle, whether at home or outside, as he needs his space and freedom too. 

One very important lesson I learned from my previous pet, Devil, who we lost due to Cancer, is that their time is limited so I urge all pet parents to not only take care of their pets but also to shower them with attention & affection. That’s all they want, anyway!

Tell us in the comments if you have a pet that changed your life too. 

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