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Are you the doer or the procaffeinator? Find out what is your workplace personality

Team StoryWeavers|August 30, 2022, 12:27 IST|
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Have you come across a co-worker who is The Motivator or The Procaffeinator of the team? If you don’t know who it is, chances are, it’s you!

We spend an average of eight hours in the office with colleagues from different backgrounds, possessing varied working styles, strengths, and vibrant personalities. The more diverse the personalities, the more creative, productive, and fun the office culture. 

We found these lively workplace personas at BYJU’S, which make the office a fun place. Scroll down to find out if these personalities are eerily similar to you or your co-workers.

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The Doer

You are the first to arrive and last to leave work because the office is your second home. Organising meetings, sending out e-mails, and creating PPTs, give you an adrenaline rush. Your idea of fun is ticking tasks off the list, and you’re a pro at it. While you are reading this, you’ve already chalked out your entire day, and have mentally designed a structured schedule to ace all the tasks.

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The Procaffeinator

If your teammate asks you, “What time is it?”  and you respond, “It’s Coffee-o-clock”, then, dear BYJUite, you are a Procaffeinator! The one whose to-do list has to wait until after the first cup of coffee. You can brew amazing strategies and ideas, but only once you have had your dose of morning caffeine.   

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The Chatterbox 

Conversations come to you easy! You love stopping by your teammates’ desks to discuss work, reality shows, and that amazing cocktail place you discovered over the weekend. You can chat about anything under the sky and you are the designated go-to person for all the front-page news and gup. 

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The Motivator  

You are known to raise the spirit of your team and are an absolute joy to work with. You not only boost their morale but also give them a quick Ted talk (not the saccharine dialogues but one with practical lessons and much-needed affirmations!) Your colleagues often find themselves coming to you for advice and you have a large circle of associates at work. You are the influencer of the team! 

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The Office BFF 

You are the gatekeeper of secrets! You are always ready to lend an ear, shoulder, or a bucket of cookies ‘n cream when someone needs to vent. You always make sure to take care of everyone. You are up for advice on anything and everything. You are called the ‘Office BFF’ because everyone confides in you and feels comforted after the conversation. 


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Do you or your teammates resonate with the above workplace personalities? Tell us in the comments below and share other interesting personalities you’ve come across in the office. 

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