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5 DIY dog toys and treats for your adorable pet

Team StoryWeavers|May 19, 2023, 15:05 IST| 1
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Dog treats, dog toys, tons of “awwws”, unconditional love, and responsibility. That’s what being a pet parent means. A pet is a family member and they need to be treated with care and constant nurturing. 

But is it expensive to be a pet parent? Well, yes and no. Yes, they are a living member of your family so they do have their needs and requirements. No – because they are not always expensive. All they need is some space, love, and well, more love. 

If you are a parent to a loving pet, then you most likely buy them treats and toys to keep them happy and occupied. What if we tell you, you can make them yourself at home and save all those extra pennies? It’s not just about budget-cutting. When you invest time in DIY dog treats and toys, you get a window into what goes into what they play with or eat. 

Disclaimer: You know your dog best. If any below-mentioned ingredient does not suit your pet, please avoid them and replace them with something that fits their diet needs.

Here are our top 5 favourite DIY dog treats and toys.


Dog treat idea that can made at home

Not just us, humans, doggos too deserve their evening mocktails! If you are worried that your dog is not drinking water, this is the perfect solution and is super easy to make. Take a few sliced (seedless) apples, a tablespoon of honey, chicken broth (optional) and some tender coconut water and blend them all together. Voila! Your own special paw-tail is ready! Serve them in their feeding bowl and watch them slurp it away.


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A DIY dog treat which is also a good summer treat

A pup-sicle is one of the perfect homemade dog treats. This requires three simple (read: favourite) ingredients – cooked and shredded chicken, pumpkin or sweet potato puree and plain Greek yogurt. Mix them together in a bowl; you may use some chicken broth if you want a lighter consistency. Make small balls of the mixture or fill it in an ice tray and serve them the refrigerated treats. All that’s left to do is, sit back and watch them enjoy the summertime!


Dog toy which can be made at home

If you’re looking for good toys for dogs, then your pet and you will love this twist to their favourite toy, knotted rope. You only need a few old T-shirts and a pair of scissors. The rest is quite simple if you’ve ever braided someone’s or your own hair. Braid different T-shirts or cut one tee into 3 pieces and braid them together. Tie the ends with another piece of the T-shirt and you’re good to go. This time around, when you find your dog ripping their toy apart, we promise it won’t hurt! 


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DIY dog toy which your pet will enjoy

If you have a dog whose favourite hobby is to steal socks and run around the house, then it might look something like this. 

For such pets, the solution is simple. Take an old sock, tie it into a knot and pretend for it to fall out of your hands or place it somewhere you know they are going to steal from. Then, watch the drama unfold and witness the sense of victory in their eyes of having stolen your socks. But this time you can relax and let it become their chewer


A perfect DIY dog toy

This will be a pawsome boredom-buster for your fur baby. Take an old bath towel, some treats, and some dry kibble. Place the towel on the ground, spread the kibble and treats on it, and slowly roll it up. To increase the difficulty level, you can even knot it up at the end. Trust us, this will prove to be a good dog toy and they will be engaged for quite some time with this exercise that stimulates their instinctive behaviours like sniffing and working for food. They’re gonna love it and so will you! 


Tell us in the comments below if you have any more DIY treats or toy ideas for pets. 


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