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National Pet Day: 5 Pawsome Ways to Care for the Animals Around You

Team StoryWeavers|May 30, 2022, 22:37 IST| 10
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Love the adorable animals around you

We love celebrating our furry friends every day and often show affection to our four-legged companions. But what about the homeless and less fortunate stray animals who are deprived of all the love and affection. This National Pet Day, let’s join hands and demonstrate our fondness for homeless animals. 

If you adore animals but are unsure of how you can do more for them, worry not! It’s pawsibble!

5 ways to take care of animals around you:

Choose to adopt, provide home to a homeless animal

We can’t stress enough how important it is to adopt an animal instead of buying one. Adopting an animal in need has many advantages. The immunity of Indies is better than bred dogs and they cost nothing. But, the reason that beats all is the happiness you experience when you provide shelter to a homeless animal.


Help an animal by providing water and satiating their hunger

The easiest way to care for the animals around you is to place bowls of water, preferably mud bowls as they keep the water cool, outside your home. This small gesture will prove to be beneficial to many animals, especially during summers. 

Want to adopt but cannot? Don’t worry, you can still care for them. Get acquainted with your neighbourhood animals and feed them daily. You can also take time out and spend time with them, try to understand their temperament, and give them a nice belly rub once in a while. The result? You would have won their loyalty for life!


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Take up a volunteering job for an animal shelter or NGO

Volunteering at an animal shelter or for animal-welfare NGOs will not only help animals but also you! How? Well, it is a great way to boost your mood instantly and reduce stress levels. The best part? You get to be around animals for a few hours and experience their unconditional love. There truly is no better feeling than selflessness and making a difference in this world.


Speak up for cruelty against animals

It is our responsibility to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves. Not preventing and reporting a crime is equivalent to committing one. If you ever see an animal being abused or neglected, it is only kind to prevent it or report it. Another way to stop animal cruelty is, by being conscious of the products we consume. Many products we use are tested on animals.  Go ahead and educate yourself and everyone else about cruelty-free products.


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Spread awareness, make yourself heard for a good cause

When we do our bit to spread awareness, it eventually brings about a change. From raising your voice against animal cruelty to educating those around you about animal welfare, no matter the magnitude of the issue, just speaking up makes a huge difference. It is also important to sensitize young children to these issues to inculcate empathy from a young age.

Some people take their love for animals a step further by pursuing a Zoology degree or by becoming a Veterinary Doctor. 


What are you waiting for? This National Pet Day, let’s make a difference by starting small. Let’s take meaningful actions for the adorable animals in need.


Tell us in the comments, how you are going to bring about a change for the animals.


About the Author

A marketing professional, Sanya enjoys ideating and brainstorming to come up with crazy ideas that create lots of fun-filled moments for BYJUites. Outside of work, you can find her playing with her dogs (or any dog, really), watching movies, having biryani, or going for long drives singing along to some loud Bollywood music. She also loves hoarding journals to just scribble in random thoughts or make to-do lists. Write to her at or to share a story or just say "hi".

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April 12, 2022

Thanks for the wonderful article, Sanya. I work in the BYJU’S Social Initiatives team. I am setting up a shelter and rescue facility for injured and abandoned dogs in Haridwar, India. Here is a link to the fundraiser – Inviting all BYJUites to come forward, donate, and share. This is one direct way you can raise your voice against against animal cruelty and help hungry and injured strays in need.


April 12, 2022

woow i really liked the above pawsome ways to care for animals and i really want to help them when they get hurt due to any reason and want to provide medical help.

Mayuri Chakraborty

April 11, 2022

My furry friend’s name was Bobby. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2020 after living a long life of 16 years. After her demise I could no more gather the courage to bring home another ball of fur as I was deeply hurt. But being a pet lover I started to feed the stray dogs regularly and now they have become an integral part of my life. I have already started to bring a change for the stray dogs by applying sprays and powders on their wounds and affected areas so that they can heal fast,otherwise it would start spreading from one to another affecting the whole pack of dogs residing in my locality. Sometimes I consult the vet who used to treat my dog and buy medicines for my stray friends accordingly. I try to give them a healthy life and would request everyone to come forward and make this Earth a better place to live in for our stray friends.

Manish Kumar Jha

April 11, 2022

We’ve all heard people who say that pets are “just” animals, as though somehow they’re not important in our lives. These people have likely never owned a loyal dog and their words couldn’t be further from the truth. Most pet owners will know how wonderful owning an animal can be; they will understand the companionship and how beautiful bonds can be formed between animal and human.when I reached my home after all exertion she ( Nala ) charged me
I am luckiest one who has this wonder creature in my life

Radha Khurana

April 11, 2022

I am fortunate enough to experience the unconditional love that pets give coz I have a Cat (Lucifer Khurana) who I fondly call ‘Sonny’!
Well, what I do and would like to continue doing is Keeping a tub filled with water and a tray with grains in the balcony for birds.
I am associated with a few groups so I put up strays for adoption and encourage members of the groups to come forward and adopt the pet.

Gulam zaki Siddiqui

April 11, 2022

I have eight cats at home
Its our responsibility to take care and feed them time to time and medical check quarterly

Rakhi Sharma

April 11, 2022

From childhood I am a pet lover and now I know I am an animal lover who loves and care animals. So me and my family help animals whenever they r in need whether it is a cow having fracture or a puppy starving. We feel and love them at our own level. One person can’t bring big change but if each n every person is responsible atleast for the animals they are surrounded by, it will definitely bring change. I request and motivate people not to avoid and pay little attention and care to those harmless creatures around them which brings great joy and ✌️ peace!

Twinkle Rawat

April 11, 2022

I already have adopted a dog last year. And I am feeding her, we have given her shelter.
Best part is with just few weeks of work, now everyone in our society loves her and feeds her along with other stray dogs. It just feels so lovely to love and help these amazing beings.

S Julie Margaret

April 11, 2022

Having pet has added more meaning to my life, this has changed my whole perception towards every thing , now I feel more emphatic, responsible, respectful, reasonable and respectful to all living form .
I still wonder how much I was missing for not having a pet for so long until now.
I love my sweet dog ? ❤ Sandy and wish to help many such animals in future.

Sabiha Bilal

April 11, 2022

As a pet parent myself, I look out for literally every animal on the road in my residential area especially. In my apartment building, there are two cats and the mother is now ready with her 3rd litter. So my daughter and I ensure that they are fed well and placed in homes. We’re trying to get her spayed. The street dogs are periodically fed and taken care off. I have once even taken a very sick street dog that was dumped by the BBMP to the vet and ensured she went away peacefully. So for me every day is pet day. Whether it is a car or a dog or a pigeon, i have I am and I will take care of them always


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